Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kardashian, Aniston,Theroux, Lopez, Cruise...; 72 Years Ago WWII Began; Another Green Company Bites the Dust; Data Now Shows ObamaKare A Jobs Killer; Why Celebrate Your Sexuality?; Obama Still Beating Republicans

"Charmin Introduces New Disposable Toilet Paper."---The Onion

  • Those coming to this blog to read about Kardashian, Aniston, Cruise and countless other Hollywood nitwits, you won't find anything here. Oh, but there is one exception. According to news reports today, many in Hollywood are really pi$$ed off their accounts have been hacked. Scripts of movies were leaked, nude photos, cell phone numbers and more have all been made public. These are many of the same knuckleheads who defended WikiLeaks when it leaked our country's military and diplomatic secrets for the entire world to see. Well, how does it feel now you putzes?
  • 72 years ago today, Germany ambused Poland and started WW II. It took the U.S. to get into the war---to end it (information for the benefit of today's public school students who, I am sure, never even heard of WW II).
  • "Recession Is Over News"---U.S. Productivity fell this past spring at a faster pace than many predicted. And labor costs rose. These are not good developments. And jobless numbers came in at 409,000 last week (these numbers will be revised UP this week. They always are).
  • A whopping 70,000 jobs were created. Unemployment in Las Vegas is over 20%. In NYC, 29% of those out of work have been out of work for over a year. NYC needs 512,000 additional jobs today to reach pre-recession unemployment rates (approx. 4.3% under Bush).
  • Last year, Pres. Obama touted Solyndra, a green company. Solyndra just declared bankruptcy (NBC)
  • Speaking of jobs killers,  it now appears the rate of jobs growth came to a halt right after the passage of ObamaKare (recall Pelosi's declaration at the time that ObamaKare would create "400,000 jobs almost immediately." I guess she should have read the bill before she passed it). One of the reasons hiring came to a screetching halt?---the unknown costs of hiring new employees. In other words, ObamaKare discouraged employers from hiring (NY Post).
  • Another former NHL player, Wade Belak, was found dead. That makes three in just the last few months.
  • I support gay rights in every facit of our society and culture. But I do have one question for the gay community---why do expect society to "celebrate" your sexuality? Never made sense to me. If you're comfortable with your own sexuality; I'm comfortable you're comfortable---but don't expect me to do triple-axles every time I read or listen to anything regarding the LGBT community. Really---it's no big deal anymore. And that's exactly what you wanted in the first place. Right?
  • In election matchups, according to the latest Quinnipiac University poll, no Republican is beating Obama. But when asked, "Does Obama Deserve Re-Election?---51% say NO. 42% say YES (many of those are current residents of mental health facilities).

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