Friday, September 23, 2011

Republican Debate vs. X Factor--Which Clowns To Watch?; Michael Moore: Still A Fake, Phony and Fraud; Don't Worry. The President Declared He's a Warrior For the Middle Class; Congressional Crook Update

The Solyndra executives are scheduled to testify before Congress, and they are expected to take the 5th? Why not the 5th? They've already taken $535 million---Leno.

  • Not only is Solyndra under the Congressional spotlight, but so is a company called Lightsquared.  Has something to do with getting wireless spectrum on the cheap. Coincidentally, Lightsquared executives also donated loads of money to the Obama campaign (Michelle Malkin).
  • I have to make a confession. I did not watch the Republican debate last night. I watched the X Factor. It was a choice between two types of clowns---those in entertainment and those in politics. I went with entertainment. Entertainment clowns can be funny. Political clowns tend to be a sad sight. By the way, I switched to Person of Interest at 9 p.m. Outstanding show. I hope it's a hit. And X Factor's numbers are good, but not even close to Idols.
  • "Oops, Obama Touts His Jobs Plan Today At An Ohio Bridge That Won't Qualify,"---LA Times. As the president goes around the country advocating for his jobs plan and infrastructure job, the LA Times points out the bridge really does not need repairs. In fact, the plans are to build a brand new bridge nearby to ease the loads on the old bridge.
  • The LA Times also reported today that unemployment went up in California. It's now 12.1%. This is an example of a state that just refuses to give conservatives a chance to lead. As a result, many voters keep voting democrat and keep going further and further into the bleak abyss. But this is not new.  For example, historically, the poorest and worst managed cities have been in democrat control, ie. Detroit, Philadelphia, LA, Cleveland, St. Louis, Newark, Camden and too many others to list. It appears residents of all those cities just never learn.
  • But allow me to ease every one's mind. The President told us yesterday he a "warrior for the middle class." I feel good already. Do you?
  • Michael Moore was on Current TV (I think viewership now is up to about 8 people) with Herr Keith Olberman. They were discussing how the rich should pay more in taxes (Real Clear Politics). Question for Moore and Olberman: Do you two nitwits want us to believe YOU'RE NOT RICH? Do you know why Moore wears those stupid looking trucker baseball caps when he appears on TV bashing the rich? He wants us to think he's just a regular fat guy. He's a fake, phony and fraud.
  • Liberals have always wanted the rest of us to believe they are the most compassionate on the planet (I know. I lived in that world for many years). So another question pops into my thick skull: then why, as shown above, do they preside over so much poverty for so many decades after having been given billions of dollars, perhaps even over a trillion? What's so compassionate about adhering to economic policies that are wrecking the economy? And, on the federal level, Democrats were in control of Congress from 2006-2010. Yet, when they took control, coincidentally---the economy went into the toilet. And since they've taken control of the executive branch---they've made things much worse.
  • "Congressional Crook Update"---Charlie Rangel was honored with an unveiling of his official portrait yesterday in D.C. Members of both parties lined up to hail this crook at the unveiling. Just a reminder: Rangel was convicted by Congress of 11 charges for dodging taxes, concealing his assets and misusing public money (code for taxpayer money). All hail this fake, phony and fraud!

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