Monday, September 26, 2011

Consequence of Ending, Don't Ask; Don't Tell; Freeman, A Nitwit?; The Economic Dilemma; Pres. Obama Tells Blacks: Stop Whining!; Is Perry Toast? Straw Polls Don't Mean Squat

"First-Ever Gay 'Dear John' Letters Begin Reaching U.S. Troops Overseas."---The Onion.
The piece points out this reality check: Clarence Navarro of the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBT advocacy group,  proudly proclaimed "But now all troops, regardless of their sexual orientation, are free to have their entire lives ripped out from underneath them in a single short note...This is a great day for homosexuals. Even those who now have nothing to return home to."
  • "DumbAss Statement of the Week"---I've always liked Morgan Freeman as an actor even though I've also thought his range is limited.  This weekend he called Tea Party folks racists (Gee Morgan, that's friggin original). He also said they are the dark underside of America. Another Hollywood nitwit who can't think for himself but only parrots what he hears around him at the Hollywood cocktail parties.
  • As USA Today points out so well this week, "Consumers won't spend until the economy improves, which it won't until consumers spend." Looks like a classic Catch 22 dilemma. And just look at some of the reasons we are not spending: Real income is down 2.3% in the last 2 years; the average stock market mutual fund is down almost 12%, unemployment is still over 9% and home prices have taken a steep dive. Then, as USA Today also shows, take into account the problems with global markets, the political gridlock here and the fact that we're an older nation, meaning the millions and millions of Boomers are not spending as much.
  • If that's not bad enough, young folks are in the worst shape the age group has been in since the end of WWII. The results are they are putting off marrying; they are having fewer children; and they are not moving out of the nest as quickly as before. In fact, the Philadelphia Inquirer ran some numbers that show those 20-29, living in South Jersey, have an unemployment rate of 15%, up 6% from 2007. Those in Philadelphia, almost 20% up almost 5% from 2007. And those in the same age group in the burbs went from 7.2% in 2007 to 10.1% now. By the way, those in the 30-61 age ranges don't show great results either. For example, those 30-34, in the burbs, almost doubled in unemployment from 2007 at 3.3% to 6.9% now (gee, I thought it was sooooooo bad under George W. The unemployment rate in 2007 was 4.6%). In Philadelphia, for the same age group, it jumped from 8.3% to 16.1% directly impacting the black community real hard.
  • The Census reported only 56% of those 16-29 were employed in 2010.
  • While we're on African-Americans, Pres. Obama spoke to the Congressional Black Caucus at their annual dinner this past weekend.  In short, he told them to stop whining.  "Shake it off. Stop complainin'. Stop grumblin'. Stop cryin'," he told them (too bad he does not take his own advice). He added, "It gets folks discouraged. I know. I listen to some of y'all...I need your help." (Code for: vote for me even though I have not done anything to help mitigate black unemployment which is now officially at over 16%, as high as 45% in some urban areas. And, don't worry, I'll keep whining about how bad Bush was).
  • Memo to Pres. Obama: You wanna have people stop complainin'? All you have to do is stop spending, do something with the tax codes, stop the government overreach with regulations that are killing businesses and shrink government. That's it. It's really not that hard Mr. President.
  • Even former President Clinton does not approve of your economic plan. Bubba said correctly of the plan, "It won't solve the problem."
  • Memo to Gov. Perry: If you want to continue your campaign, you need to start making a better impression in the debates. Yes, a good debater does not translate into a good president. But a bad debater, looks exactly that: bad. In addition, you can't accuse people who do not agree with your position on the Dream Act as not having a "heart."
  • By the way, my personal opinion: straw polls don't mean squat.
  • If you want to drive into NY City for work, the tolls will cost you about $12 bucks. And parking for one day will set you back anywhere from $25-35 for the day, depending on where you park in the City.

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