Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fast and Furious: Was Eric Holder Lying? Are Perry & Bachmann Toast? Hank's Dumbass Statement; Those Wall Street Fake, Phony and Fraud Protesters; How Big is Football in America?

"Panicked ER Doctor Calls 911"----Onion headline.

  • I've been alluding to the Fast and Furious scandal for many weeks now. I purposely held off getting into more detail because the scandal was unfolding---slowly. It now appears it's finally receiving the attention it should have received many, many months ago. In short, ATF agents allowed thousands of weapons across the Mexican border. Initially, the purpose was to track the weapons, and then seize the scumbuckets who used them. The problem? ATF lost track of the weapons. And we've been finding out those same weapons have been used in many crimes. In fact, at least one, may have  been used in the killing of a police officer. When asked about Fast and Furious, Eric Holder, AG, initially said he only heard about the operation recently (he testified so in front of the Judiciary Committee). But it now appears he was lying. A recently uncovered memo, dated July of 2010, shows he was briefed about the operation at that time. I've said this many times before, Eric Holder has to go. He's totally incompetent. He should have been fired even before this developing scandal.
  • As Perry knocked Bachmann off the front pages, it now appears Herman Cain's done the same thing to Rick Perry. But a question remains: If Christie jumps in, will he do the same to the entire ticket?
  • Why has Palin  been so quiet lately?
  • According to the American Enterprise Institute, only Jimmy Carter had a lower job-approval rating at this time in his presidency, with a 33% compared to Pres. Obama's 40%.
  • Yo Memo to All Celebrities, Politicians and Others, especially if you are a conservative: DON'T USE THE NAZI AND HITLER METAPHORS!!!  The Left gives a pass to their own when those are used, ie. the countless examples those descriptors have been used to describe the Tea Party, but not to conservatives. In addition---no one should use those descriptions. They are despicable.  Understand Hank? It was a dumbass statement.
  • Regarding those fake, phony and fraud anti-Wall Street protesters, a political cartoon showed it best today: It shows a cop with a bullhorn standing in front of a bunch of these frauds while they are on their IPads and holding signs like, "Down with Capitalism." The bubble above their heads reads, "Let's Protest The Evils of Capitalism on Facebook with our IPads." That says it all.
  • Now for some facts. The Wall Street sector employs just over 300,000 people, most on the middle class. It's the 4th greatest generator of jobs in NYC paying out over $80 billion in salaries and wages. The tax revenue from just these folks alone  is enormous (according to the city's Comptroller's Office, about $200 million). But these idiots really don't care. As one of the protesters from Occupy Wall Street said this week, "It doesn't matter what you're protesting. Just protest."---NY Post.
  • Here are some numbers. Number of Tea Party folks arrested for protesting---a big, fat 0. Number of these knuckleheads: over 700.
  • Even Mayor Bloomberg said this week, "The protesters are protesting against people who make $40-50,000 a year and are struggling to make ends meet..."
  • Yo Memo to These Knuckleheads: It's the government that's been taking your hard-earned cash.
  • Speaking of numbers, how big is football in America? The ratings for Monday night are in: Monday Night Football beat out the Yankee/Detroit playoff game by a factor of 2 to 1.
  • "Recession is Over News"---USA Today reports on people begging for jobs on Craigslist just to survive. Example, "Hungry," "Laid Of Vet Needs Job To Pay Rent," "Please Help Us!"
  • How enormous is Medicare? Nearly one person every 8 seconds enters the program now at 50 million.
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