Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Layoffs Up, Way Up; With Christie Out, Who Benefits Now? Cain Rising, Perry Tanking; Is Herman 4 Real? Special Prosecutor Needed For Fast and Furious: Is Michelle Spending Too Much?

The Obamas celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary this week. They were going out to dinner, but they couldn't find a sitter for Biden.---Fallon

  • "Recession is over News"---September job cuts highest since 2009. In fact, Bloomberg News is reporting the numbers are double what they were in just this past August. Oh, yes, you probably want the numbers: just shy of 116,000.
  • With Gov. Christie's announcement he will NOT be entering the race (as if he didn't tell us over and over again), who benefits? Romney for sure especially in raising money. I think Perry took a deep breath. Although he's been tanking lately, Christie would have definitely taken voters away from him. Cain, I believe, also benefits because Christie would have just taken up too much oxygen in the room (no pun intended, regarding his weight). When it comes to the others---no effect, in my opinion. Bachmann's traction is lost. And who even knows the other guys running anyway? And where's Palin?
  • In some polls, Cain is tied or just a few percentage points behind Romney. Quinnipiac is reporting Romney is at 22%. Cain is at 17% and Perry's at 14%.
  • And an ABC/Washington Post poll is showing opposition to Pres. Obama is "hardening."
  • By the way, for those race hustlers out there, if Republicans and Conservatives are racists as many of you proclaim, why do so many of them like Herman?
  • In fact, polls in South Carolina, a state Perry should own, show Cain is beating him outside of the margin of error.
  • Does all this mean Herman is for real?
  • Drudge is reporting today that Perry is still raising loads of cash---like almost $400k a day in the last 20 days.
  • Eric Holder cannot possibly investigate his own agency when it comes to the Fast and Furious scandal. In fact, he just might be part of the scandal. There is no doubt in my mind---a special prosecutor needs to be appointed. Holder is either incompetent or corrupt.
  • As I watch more main stream media types reporting on the Solyndra and Fast & Furious scandals, I'm wondering if they are reporting more because their darling---Pres. Obama---has lost his luster?
  • Pres. Obama sent out an email to supporters this week saying that Republicans are blocking the jobs bill. Unfortunate timing---it was Sen. Harry Reid (D) who is blocking the bill.---OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS!
  • The UK Telegraph is reporting that Michelle Obama's taxpayer funded spending is an embarrassment. According to reports, she's spent over $10 million on vacations this year alone. The most recent trip to Africa this summer cost taxpayers almost $500k in transportation costs alone. Before I criticize her for any excesses, I'd like to know what former First Lady's spent. If Michelle Obama is way out of line, then she should be criticized and held accountable. If not, leave the family alone.

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