Friday, October 21, 2011

Harry Reid, A Bold Face Liar; So Is Slo Joe Biden; How Do Supporters of the Pee Party Tolerate their Anti-Semitism? Now Pee Party is Defecating on Doorsteps; Another "Green" Company Scandal; Lefties Love Their Wars

"It may have taken longer than expected, but the rebels never wavered in their determination to shoot at anything and it finally paid off."---The Onion's American Voices.

  • And there's more good news about Gaddafi's death. It appears the young rebel who whacked him is a NY Yankee fan. He was wearing a Yankee cap when he pumped the former dictator full of 9 mm rounds. Sign him up!
  • In case you missed it, Harry Reid popped out one of his bold face lies again yesterday. With the private sector having lost over 1.5 million jobs in the last 3 years, this knucklehead said yesterday private sector jobs have been doing just well. And this is on the heels of Pres. Obama saying Republicans want dirtier air and water (yes, he actually said that this week). On top of that, Slo Joe Biden said if part of the jobs bill does not get passed, there will be an increase in crimes and rapes. In fact, Biden said on multiple occasions that rapes have skyrocket since 2008 in Flint, MI. FactCheck calls those claims a "whopper."(code for lies) Biden said rapes have "quadrupled." According to FBI stats, rapes have actually decreased by 11%. Even the Washington Post took Slo Joe to task for his absurd claims (code for lying). Folks, can't make this stuff up.
  • How do the Pee Party folks (Occupy crowd) keep tolerating the flagrant anti-Semitism in their midst? One of the spokespersons for Occupy L.A., Patricia Macallister and a teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District, blamed the Zionists and said they should be run out of the country. Hey, if any Jews are supporting these thugs, watch your back. In addition, you more stupid than a rock (multiple sources for this nitwit online).
  • This week, The NY Post reported on the neighbors of Zuccotti Park being fed up with the Pee Party folks. Well, it's gotten worse. They are now saying the Pee Party people are defecating on their doorsteps. They are also tired of hearing cowbells rung at 4 a.m. in the morning in addition to drumming that goes on well past 10 p.m.
  • Message for the Pee Crowd: GE and Jeff Immelt (Pres. Obama's close buddy) just announced their net earnings are up 57%---lots of "profit" here Pee Party.
  • ABC News is reporting a Finnish auto maker that received almost $530 million to build an electric car in Delaware decided to instead make the vehicles in Finland. Slo Joe Biden heralded this company, Fisker Automotive, two years ago. Oh, one more piece of news: the company is tied to major Obama bundlers---meaning money given to his campaign. Aw, geez, how can I forget? Al Gore is also connected to this car company. Wow--all these dots connecting are making me crazy!
  • Have you noticed an interesting phenomena among Progressives and Leftists? When their guys are in office, wars and revolutions are touted as good. But when Republicans are in office, they're bad, very bad.  Pres. Obama is whacking every dictator he can find---by the way, I support him for what he's done too---but where are all those anti-war activists and rallies now? Hmmm---kinda quiet.
  • As of today, all this whacking of dictators is still not helping the president's poll numbers. Gallup reported today his job approval this quarter was the worst of his entire administration. He's now down to 41%.
  • Memo to all those racists on the Left, especially the Black Elite who accuse Herman Cain of not being black enough. He's blacker than Pres. Obama.

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