Friday, October 14, 2011

Pablo Esquirrelbar, the CVS Squirrel; Bloomberg Backs Off; Wall Street Protesters Becoming Public Health Hazard; My Free Advice to Protesters; Even the Protesters Rely on Wall Street Money; Why Can't Romney Catch Fire?

A  squirrel was giving the NYPD fits yesterday. "Pablo Esquirrelbar," as he was affectionately named, entered a CVS in Harlem freaking people out (New Yorkers are used to rats, but a squirrel---well, they just can't handle it). The squirrel was seen trolling the aisles looking for peanuts, but he couldn't open the packages. CVS finally called the NYPD. They eventually caught the squirrel and said they would release it in a local park. One customer was interviewed by the press and said, "He walked in like a customer." Only in New York folks, only in New York.

  • Mayor Bloomberg attempted to move the Wall Street protesters out of Zuccotti Park today in order to clean the place up. It's becoming a major public health hazard for the protesters and for the surrounding community. The latest information is he backed off from moving them. According to reports, the protesters were going to be defiant. They called an "Emergency Call To Action" yesterday to resist the cops and cleaning crews. I have four words for Mayor Bloomberg: You arr a pussy.
  • I've written that some of the issues and concerns raised by Wall Street protesters are valid.Many have behaved like greedy bastards. I just happen to think that their protesting is misguided. Don't get me wrong. They do have the right to protest. They just don't have the right to behave irresponsibly, and, in some cases, violently. I've also accused many of them of being hypocrites, because it appears most of them are not taking the White House and Congress to task for their incompetence. Regarding their hypocrisy, they're taking corporations and bankers to task but not taking the White House to task for hiring many former Wall Street executives, some of whom were directly responsible for the economic turndown. For example, Goldman Sachs alone gave almost $1 million to the Obama campaign. Also, if we would ever reach the utopia they want---no corporations---we'd have an unemployment rate at least 3 times what it is now. They also are demanding open-borders, debt forgiveness, free tuition (then they should protest on university and colleges campuses that are ripping students off with their absurdly high tuition. Their parents would probably join them) and other demands as ludicrous as these.
  • Right now, the only consequence we will see from these protesters is their destroying the environment and creating threats to public health. In fact, Fox News out of Boston is now reporting one of these Wall Street creeps spit on a Coast Guard member as she was walking to the train station. The "leader" of Occupy Boston apologized to the woman.
  • I think a letter writer to USA Today made a good observation. Jim Murphy of Germantown, TN, wrote of the protesters, "A better answer to their problem is to protest the innumerable restrictions to entrepreneurship that infests government. To cut the red tap that strangles small business..."
  • If these protesters want to really make a positive impact, they need to emulate the Tea Party. Yep, that's right. Instead of vilifying capitalism, openly threatening violence and just whining like many of those who came before them in these populists movements that largely failed in their outcomes, they need a CLEAR message. Right now, they don't have one. That's my advice to them. They can take it or leave it. I really don't give a sh!t.
  • And the final hypocrisy is so conspicuous, it's actually funny. Many of these protesters use computers made by large computer companies, phones made by same and record using cameras made by Minolta, Sony, Nikon and others---all companies that have relied on Wall Street money.
  • There is good news on the unemployment front in Detroit. The city held a job fair in this city with unemployment hovering around 14%. But there's a slight catch: it was only for ex-cons More than 1,200 people showed up. (NBC).
  • Some people are wondering why Romney just can't get any traction.  As I reported several posts ago, his poll numbers among Republicans is only about 25%. So what's the problem? I think John Podhoretz figured it out. He wrote that many dislike his stand on policy like Romney's universal health care plan he started when he was gov of Massachusetts. Voters can't seem to make an "emotional" connection with the guy (that's why I think Herman Cain is doing well. With him, they can). And many GOP voters think Romney is a phony. I think Podhoretz makes some good points. 
  • Mr. President: What will you be doing about Iran? Will you allow them to get away with planning an attack in Washington, D.C.? What are we going to do about it?

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