Monday, October 17, 2011

Wall Street Protesters Better Find Articulate Leadership and Fast; Dems Now Supporting Nazis and Commies (I Have The Proof); Bloomberg Gave Them Their First Victory; The Crowds Not As Big As Being Reported

"President Obama's Approval Rating Soars After Punching Banker in the Face."---The Onion (video)

  • The Wall Street protesters---The Occupy Crowd-- better find an articulate leader and soon. I'm looking at today's headlines and all I see is trouble ahead.  In Europe, anarchists tried to take over those protests resulting in violence and many hurt, especially cops. Here, that fake, phony and fraud, Al Sharpton is trying to move in and monopolize. The Nazi Party and Communist organizations announced their support of the protesters (The Nazis apparently feel welcomed with all of the anti-Semitic rhetoric coming out of the Occupy crowd). Even Iran came out in support this weekend. The Occupy Portland knuckleheads actually sang songs, "F#ck the USA."  I don't know about anyone else, but I don't like the direction this is heading. Right now, it does not look good in my opinion. And on top of all this, we see leading Democrats supporting this crowd now. Have they lost their minds?
  • And who are many of the people in this movement the Democrats, Pres. Obama (he extended his support to the protesters yesterday) and media support?  These are people who are overt Marxists (many wear Che Guevara tees). They fly the American fly upside down. They are handing out Marxist literature. They are in support of a socialist revolution (they've said this themselves). Many are anti-Jewish (the NY Post's Alana Goodman reported today that one of the main organizers of the Occupy Wall Street urine invested hippie wannabee crowd is non other than Kalle Lasn, who has a long history of anti-Jewish writing. As she indicated so well, if the top organizer behind the Tea Party published a blacklist of US Jews and as he did, politicians would not be lining up in support of this crowd).
  • Allow me to ask a question to those who support many of these nitwits. If you were with your family, either walking or driving through areas where some of the violence was taking place, how do you think you'd feel or react? My point is before you lend any support to some of the factions in this Occupy group, you'd better think about it first. Because if you do support many of these violent thugs, you're complicit in what happens down the road and then it will be too late to run away from it.
  • And the news is reporting the Occupy groups are getting support from the Washington D.C.'s far-left (meaning Commie) group, Alliance for Global Justice. This is the group that backed the Sandinista Commies in Nicaragua. This group has long ties to Communist and Socialist organizations (you see all the dots coming together folks? Oh, and for those who are wondering where I got this information. No, not from right or conservative sources---right from this group's own web site. Check it out for yourselves if you don't believe me).
  • Many of these people are wrecking havoc on the local community---on small business owners and residents in those communities. As Michael Goodwin wrote today in the NY Post, "Each day about 3.7 million people go to work in New York City. For the last month, fewer than 500 have been sleeping in the park near Wall Street...Guess which group is getting expressions of sympathy and solidarity from the president to the mayor?" He continued, "When times are tough, the tough don't quit work so then can complain. And the people who really want a job are not playing drums in the park, getting stoned and taunting cops."
  • And when Mayor Bloomberg back off in asking these occupiers to leave the park so the filth can be cleaned up, they had their first victory. What did we see after Bloomberg backed-down? The protesters stormed other city streets in NY City a few hours later. Yo Mayor Bloomberg: when are you and the other slime ball politicians ever going to learn (from history) that APPEASEMENT NEVER WORKS!!!
  • By the way, many of these groups are not as large as the media portrays them. Yes, in some cases, they've had crowds over a 1,000 but in many cases, not even close. In Philadelphia, it's a few hundred (at lunch time, more Philadelphians buy soft-pretzels near where these nitwits are camping out.  Even in NY City, there are more people entering and exiting Penn Station in five minutes than the number of Occupy protesters in the entire city). And one of the reason only a few hundred are getting so much publicity? It's because of the media in major markets. In NY City you can get over a thousand people to show up to watch an "artist" paint a potato chip blue and call it art. In Philadelphia, just announce a re-enactment of the Eagle's fans throwing snowballs at Santa Claus and you'll have half the city lined up at the Linc.
  • As I've written before, the Wall Street protesters do have some valid points, but, in general, they lack any real understanding of basic economics and history. If they continue on this path, in my opinion, they will become irrelevant. The elite in this country will have the last laugh.
  • One of the most dumbass statements I've read was said by Bruce Wright of Florida, one of the Occupy organizers, "If we want revolutionary change in this country, we have to be willing to do the same things that they're doing in Tunisia and Egypt."  (USA Today). Oh, you mean like murdering and slaughter Jews and Christians. This guy and others like him are dummies, but very dangerous dummies.
  • Political cartoon shows Pres. Obama at a press conference and he says, "Iran's attempted terror attack on American soil calls for a drastic response...I'll be raising my voice the next time I speak with them."

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