Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Who Pays For HARP? States Pension Liability At Almost $3 trillion; Sharia Lite? Obama Followed W's Timetable on Iraq; Gutting Our Military; Dems Coming After Our Kids; Obama Sticks It to Occupy Crowd: Hires Wall Street Lobbyist for His Campaign

"Bears Somehow Proud of Themselves for Beating Vikings," Onion's sport headline this weekend.
  • I've been reading articles about the new mortgage refinance program (HARP, Home Affordable Refinance Program) launched by the Obama administration this week, and I can't find how this is funded. Probably by taxpayers, but I'm having a hard time getting information. So who is paying for this? On the surface, it looks like a good idea to help many homeowners; however, would anyone invest in these securities if the don't know if and when the feds will change their yield? In addition, what about the homeowners in good standing? Those who have been paying their mortgages on time, but are also struggling because of the economy? They probably will not qualify for HARP. Appears a tad discriminatory to me. But what do I know?
  • "Recession is Over News"---CNBC is reporting total debt of all states is over $4 trillion with California heading the list. Most of the debt is attributed to pensions and employee health care. On top of this, the recession cut into revenues. The Enterprise Institute reported public pension liability stands at just under $3 trillion.
  • According to The Hill, 69% of Americans believe the country is in decline. 49% say they are very worried about the future (better be if you vote for Obama again).
  • Tunisia had their first "free" elections in decades. An Islamist Party claimed victor.
  • This weekend, one of the leaders of the National Transition Council in Libya vowed strict Islamic Sharia Law will be imposed.  Yesterday, he backed off that claim. I have to wonder who got to him.
  • USA Today had an interesting editorial today {"After Nine Years in Iraq; Time for Troops to Come Home"}. While they agree it's time for the troops to come home, they did a "drive by" against Obama. For example, they pointed out that although Obama said this week he kept his promise to bring the troops home, his actual promise 3 years ago was he would do it in 16 months. The editorial also pointed out the withdrawal is "precisely on the timetable negotiated with the Iraqis by President Bush." Wow! I don't think Pres. Obama acknowledged that fact in his speech.
  • In case you haven't been keeping up with Pentagon news, the administration plans on making drastic cuts in our defense budget even in this dangerous world we now live in, with China building up their military. And in no way should we ever trust Russia). The Marines will be cut to its smallest force in 50 years. Our Navy will be smaller than at any time since the FIRST World War (Navy will lose 2 aircraft-carrier battle groups).---Heritage Foundation
  • Democrats are so nervous about the next election, they've begun labeling school children "little Democrats," at least that's what that knucklehead Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said to a group of elementary school children in North Carolina.---Herald Online. This should not surprise anyone, Dems have been coming after our children now for decades infusing their young minds of mush with a lot of garbage. All you need to do is go back 3 years ago, and watch those Youtube pieces of school children singing praises to Obama as if he was the Savior.---mmmmgood.
  • No matter how many friends you have on Facebook, a new study shows you will only communicate with 150 on a regular basis.
  • Regarding the Occupy Wall street crowd---The Pee Party---I suggested several weeks ago they protest D.C. and university campuses. I'd start with Universities first considering student loan debt is now over a trillion dollars. And Terry Keenan of the NY Post agrees with me in her piece, "OWS Should be Held on Campus." She points out many, many students are in debt up to their eyeballs but graduate with majors that will barely help them either get a job or pay back the loans such as Art, History and other useless majors in today's market. And many students don't know that their student loans will stay with them until they pay them off or until they die even if they file bankruptcy.
  • And more bad news for the Pee Party. Pres. Obama just hired a Wall Street lobbyist for his re-election campaign. Broderick Johnson has a long history of lobbying for big banks and corporations. In fact, he lobbied for Bank America and Fannie Mae in 2008.---Daily Caller.
  • Michele Bachmann keeps losing campaign staffers like I'm losing my hair. Now former staffers are complaining her national campaign staff (not her). They said the national staff had been "rude, unprofessional and dishonest." If I didn't know any better, I thought they were referring to Pres. Obama's campaign staffers. They also said the national campaign staff were "dismissive" of New Hamphire state voters.---CBS News.

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