Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Top 1% Voted for Obama; New Message Coming From Pee Party & It's Not A Good One; Is Pres. Obama Governing Anymore?; Cain Now Leads The Pack; Obama & Hillary in 2012; Occupy Should Go After Jacko and Elvis

"It's the 24th Day Of The Occupy Wall Street Protests. Also Known As The Largest Homeless Slumber Party In The World."---Kimmel

  • This is for the Occupy crowd---the Pee Party. Here's a dirty little secret they probably don't want to hear: the top 1% voted for Obama in 2008. In 2008, The Wall Street Journal reported the rich voted for McCain but the "super rich" voted for Obama. Shhhh...don't let that dirty little secret out, it just might put some in the Pee Party right over the top. Let's just keep it between us, otay? Otay!!!
  • And what message is now coming from the Pee Party? The general population---although sympathetic to some of the Pee Party's views---is starting to hate them more than the rich and corporations. The Pee Party is starting to embarrass itself. Arrests have risen dramatically from Oakland to Melbourne. And now word comes out of NY City's Zuccottii Park that newly released ex-cons and vagrants are crashing the Occupy party for free food. Lauren Digiola, a sanitation volunteer, said yesterday, "We have drug dealing going on here, gang activity, public intoxication..."---NY Post.
  • An editorial today in USA Today about the Occupy Wall Street crowd {"Millennials, Don't Just Occupy; Do Something"}, points out correctly that "every generation has its hill to climb...It's worth remembering that other generations faced more severe challenges, such as the Great Depression and World Wars I and II." In other words, stop whining and start offering some SOLUTIONS!!!
  • Because, as Reuters reported today, the media is losing interest in you and fast.
  • The question being asked recently: Is President Obama governing anymore? Sometimes I wonder. Just in the last 2 days, he appeared on Leno, then after Leno he jetted to San Francisco for a $5k a plate fundraiser. On Monday night, he hung around with the Hollywood crowd at an event hosted by Melanie (Inner Tube Lips) Griffith and her husband, Zorro. He also attended another LA fundraiser with Will Smith and Magic Johnson.
  • Latest CBS/NY Times Poll shows Herman leading the Republican crowd at 25%, followed by Romney at 21%. Perry? He appears to be toast.
  • Some are suggesting Obama might throw Slo Joe overboard and run with Hillary. I think that could be a strong ticket.
  • I've been writing that the Pee Party should protest obscene tuition rates.  USA Today reports that tuition rose by 8%. Average now for a private four year college: $42 grand and some change per year. That's highway robbery.
  • Suggestion for the Pee Party: Go after Michael Jackson and Elvis. They earned more dead than alive. Jacko lead the pack with $170 million last year and Elvis was second at a paltry $55 million. Hey, but that still makes these two dead guys Super Rich.

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