Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cain & Ginger: Where's The Evidence?; Newt's Emergence; Occupy's Waterloo; A Protest I'll Support

Some baby-care tips for first-time parents from the editors of The Onion:

>Wait at least three weeks before tattooing baby.
>Prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by screaming at baby every minutes, "Are you okay, baby?"
>When mailing your baby across country, make sure you poke a few holes in the box.
>Develop your baby's hand-eye coordination by shooting rubberbands in his or her face, in time, the child will learn to block them.

  • I'm not going to defend Herman Cain against the latest accusation. I had one foot in the pool several months ago. I'm now back in the house. He's been toast for several weeks now. But I am going to take the media to task. Like the previous 3 or 4 women, where's the evidence? Yesterday, the media made a big deal out of 61 phone calls or text messages on her phone to and from Cain. What does that prove? Nothing. I know people who make 61 text messages in less than 10 minutes. How many were from him and how many were to him?  She said they stayed at the Ritz Carlton and dined at the Four Seasons. Receipts please?  Security video images please?  And, like one of the other woman, she has a questionable background herself. She also filed a sexual harassment claim in 2001. The case was settled. My point to the media? Do your friggin homework and get some damn evidence before you attack anyone. Many of you are starting to resemble The Globe. Soon you creeps will be reporting that Cain banged an alien from Pluto.
  • Okay, I'll admit it up front: I was wrong about Newt's chances. I put a fork into this guy 4 months ago. Now, it appears he's emerged as the only threat to Mitt. Politics, like sports, can take some strange and swift turns. Although I really don't like the guy, it's a slam dunk who I would vote for if he's the Republican nominee. But until then:

  • Last week, I theorized that Occupy's plan to protest businesses on Black Friday would backfire. It might end up being their Waterloo or the point when they "jumped the shark."  But this news today should really p!ss them off. Three Wall Street finance pros won the winning Power Ball number. Their take? Only $254 million. See what happens when you just sit around in your own urine, soaked filth while others go to work?
  • On top of this, Black Friday numbers were outstanding. But some questions do remain? Will the shopping and spending go through Christmas? In other words, do consumers have any money left to spend? And, if stores keep cutting prices to the bone, will they be making any profits at all? If not, they won't hire more employees.

  • Just a bit of trivia: Did you know that our population---309 million---occupy only a quarter of all private land? So the Occupiers have a lot of room left. 
  • It's about friggin time! Students at Baruch College in NY protested the extra tuition hike of $300. And this increase will continue through 2015.  Way to go!!! Now, let's do this across the country. Students and parents have been scammed by higher education institutions much too long.
  • And don't stop with the colleges and universities, go where the problems all started: Washington, D.C. because of nitwits like Nancy Pelosi:

And Charlie Rangel

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