Thursday, November 17, 2011

Challenging Questions for Occupiers and Others; Obscene Salaries for Coaches; Ask Plato for Help; Read Peyser's Piece Below; Evil Wins When Good People Do Nothing

"Biden Minimizes Browser Window Every Time Obama Walks By." The Onion

I think it's time---once again---to ask some questions, to do an examination of conscience as Brother Aiden once told me to do in grade school. So here they are:

  • Why aren't the urine-soaked Occupy Wall Street misfits, thugs, felons and destroyers of the environment protesting Congress, The White House and university campuses? Let's face it---those are the real 1% who have been ripping us all off for decades.
  • Why are only a few questioning the obscene salaries of colleges and university coaches, many from public universities? USA Today reported the average salary of these bottom feeders is $1.4 million.
  • Why aren't the Occupiers protesting the colleges and universities that have strapped them with scammed tuition rates? The average tuition at a public university is almost $8 grand a year now. For privates, it's almost $28 k a year (both of these look like bargains compared to the obscene tuition for many other universities, Bates College, for example, is $44,000. In fact, there are over 100 colleges and universities in America with tuition rates over $30 grand a year. I listened to an Occupy Misfit who graduated from college and had over $50,000 in oustanding loans. His major was Philosophy and hasn't been able to find a job since he graduated. My advice to him: Have Plato help you, you dummy).  And last year, fees and tuitions rose by 8%. CNN Money
  • Do the 99%, the urine-soaked, anti-greed rabble, know that it takes only $343k to be in the top 1%? In other words, most in the top 1% are not millionaires and billionaires They are your neighbors who are just tyring to make a living and support their families. CNN Money
  • Do the 99%, the Pee Party, know that almost 50% of Americans don't pay any taxes and those are NOT from the top 1%? They are from the bottom 50%.  PolitiFact
  • Do the 99% know that job losses in the finance sector surpassed 200,000 last year? The losses will top the 174,000 in finance who lost their jobs in 2009. USA Today
  • Do the 99% realize they're hurting the other 99% who are trying to make a living when they block their storefronts, damage their store properties, don't allow construction workers to start their jobs, result in dozens of police officers and first-responders injured, etc.? To many sources to list here.
  • Do the 99% know that the misfits, thugs, felons, and other morons have hurt whatever message they wanted to get out? Again, too many sources here, including photos.

  • Do the 99% know that their rants against the "selected" 1% they despise does not help their cause? Why not also rant against Soros, Moore, Hollywood celebs, athletes, truly millionaire democrat politicians, and others? In other words, why are you giving so many a pass if you're that pissed off?
  • It was just reported this week that the likes of Bon Jovi and The Boss are among the multimillionaires, including Ted Turner, who've received government subsidies for using their real estate holdings to raise bees or lease their land to organic farmers. In other words, they are using our tax dollars. Where's the outrage from the 99% tuberculin crowd? NY Post
  • Or, as Andrea Peyser of the NY Post pointed out so well today, "Pity the 1%...The guilt this guy {referring to Michael Moor's mansion} must feel as he's forced to contribute far more than his share of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, just by heating and cooling the place. Moore has got to commiserate with ozone bozo Al Gore, who has to heat and cool his extreme Nashville estate (which burned 20 times the national average of electricity and natural gas before a red-faced Gore plunked on solar panels) and a bigger spread near Oprah's in posh Montecito, California...Don't hate Moore and Gore because they're stinking rich polluters. It isn't easy being the world's biggest hypocrites."
  • And, in changing the subject, didn't the academic elite at Penn State ever read or hear this quote (I can't recall the author right now): "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing?"
  • Has anyone asked why all of the women accusing Cain of sexual harassment have come out of that one employer, the restaurant association? He's worked at many places. Did he just start harassing women at that job and stop? That does not make sense.
  • If ObamaCare is so good, why have so many employers asked for waivers? If it's so good, why have so many companies dropped their health plans? If its passage was also to create more jobs, why hasn't it? Why have costs risen instead of fallen as promised under ObamaCare? Why are so many Americans still opposed to ObamaCare if it's suppose to be so good?
  • Why can't Newt stay out of trouble?
  • If the economy is so good, why are initial job claims still hovering around 400,000 a month (dropped a tad under these past two weeks)? And why are housing starts still flat (fell .3% last month)?
  • Is it that easy to shoot at the White House?

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