Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Some of My Own Genuine Advice 4 The Occupy Crowd; Breaking News: 11% of Congress Have Net Worth In Excess of $9 million; Slo Joe's Dumbass Statement (Yes, Another One)

I was thinking and searching for a good Occupy Wall Street joke, but couldn't find any I liked, so I decided to just use this shot of a real clown:

I'm feeling really good today. As a result, I decided to give the Occupy Wall Street movement some advice and suggestions. Instead of listing each suggestion, I'll embed my suggestions within the concerns:

  • According to NY City officials yesterday, the found weapons, potential weapons, hypodermic needles, mace and more at the Zucootti Park cleanup. Suggestion: Don't carry or use weapons in the future. Just sayin.'
  • In NYC alone, over 150 sanitation workers---using 26 garbage trucks---hauled your infectious waste and debris to the dump. Suggestion: Keep your environment clean. Don't crap in the street. It really does not help getting your message out (whatever it is. We'll get to that later)
  • All those sleeping bags and tents: Suggestion: Don't use them. Degenerate sexual perverts will think twice about raping or assaulting anyone. Stay out in the open.
  • The usual nitwit Hollywood and celebrity crowd showed support. Suggestion: Dump them all. It looks stupid having someone like Michael Moore or a mega-millionaire rap moguls show you support when their lavish lifestyle is regularly seen on MTV's "Cribs."
  • Getting arrested? Well, does not look good to the general public. Suggestion: Obey the laws.
  • Nazi Party, Communist Party, Hugo Chavez, and other lunatics supported you and were vocal about it. Suggestion: Not good. Don't accept their endorsements.
  • There were quite a lot of anti-Semites in your movement. Suggestion: Like the Nazis group, I'd suggest you tell them to get lost too.
  • There were reports you folks kept asking for all kinds of free stuff like food, weed, condoms, etc. Suggestion: Pay for the sh!t out of your own pocket.
  • There were also reports you harassed many small business people. We like our neighborhood bodegas and coffee shops. Suggestion: Leave them alone in the future.
  • Your signs are all stupid. Suggestion: Get someone who can write well and be more creative with those signs. Oh--- and skip the profanity. It doesn't shock anymore. If I want to hear it endlessly, I'll watch "Jersey Shore."
  • Regarding the First Amendment, it does give you immunity when you break laws. Suggestion: Once again, obey the laws.
  • Finally, tear everything down, use my list of suggestions, re-group, write up a mission statement, and head to Washington D.C. and park yourself right in front of Congress. That's where most of our problems originated. You do that---I might even consider supporting your sorry asses.
Cartoon today in many newspapers shows an Occupy Crowd protesting in front of Michael Moore's mansion with the bubble over their head reading, "We were kicked outta Zuccotti, can we stay at your pad.?

Breaking News for the Occupy Folks Today in USA Today: Congress has 249 millionaires. In fact, 11% of Congress have net worth of more than $9 million. And the two richest happen to be democrats. Hey, considering "60 Minutes" broke the news this past weekend that members of Congress did some inside trading (there are currently no laws barring them from doing so)---this should not surprise anyone.

We've already heard about the collapse of Jon Corzine's company. But did you know, in 2009, Slo Joe Biden called Corzine for advice on the economy (note: Corzine drove N.J.'s financials into the toilet as governor). And what was Slo Joe's dumbass statement? "We trusted his {Corzine's} judgement." And to make matters worse---which might be one of the reasons we're in the bad shape we're in today---Joe added, "What we heard from Jon was what we needed to do." Oh, my.

This Penn State story will be evolving for months. Now the assistant coach is reported to have written in an email to a friend that he did stop the assault and reported it to the police. Notice how the different parties are starting to carve out their own agendas.

Is it too early for Jerry Sandusky jokes? Not according to Wanda Sykes, who joked, "Thanks to Jerry Sandusky, Larry King is officially not the creepiest old man in America." She told that joke at a Friars Club testimonial dinner for Barely Alive Larry King.

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