Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kardashians: Fake, Phonies And Frauds; Corzine: Another Phony; Herman Bushwhacked?; Guess Who is Leading in Texas?; Occupy To Market Themselves; Consequences From Balling Under Those Tents

"Kim Kardashian is ending her marriage. Details of the proceedings will remain private, until E airs its 3 hour divorce special."---Fallon

  • When I first heard ab out the Kardashian marriage being over, the first thing I said, "It was a scam from the start." But, once again, allow me to defer to someone who can explain these things much better than I can.  Andrea Peyser of the NY Post wrote, "She's a fame whore who became fabulously wealthy not for her looks, brains, sex appeal or talent. But for the super-sized quality of her protruding butt...For here was a phony, cooked-up union, sold to an unwittingly public as a real-life fairy tale....The marriage was nothing more than a profitable scam..."
  • But you know what? The stupids out there--and there are many---will still follow these nitwits no matter what they do. You know what lasted longer than her marriage? Michael Jordan's baseball career (swiped this joke from the paper).
  • It's bad enough that Corzine left New Jersey in a mess after he served as its senator and governor, there are reports coming out today in many publicatons that regulators found hundreds of millions of dollars missing from client accounts from Corzins's company, MF Global. Oh, you know about all those dots we like to connect? Corzine is the former co-chair of Goldman Sachs---hear that Occupiers (oh, that's right. He's a liberal democrat. They always get a pass from you phonies).
  • Regarding Herman's woes, I read that piece in Politico (a Left wing rag, but good reads on occasion). It's all hearsay. First of all, the alleged incident of sexual harassment occurred over 10 years ago. The details in the piece are very, very vague. Multiple sources are not identified. And there are charges in the Politico such as, "There were also descriptions of physical gestures that were not overtly sexual..." Say what?  More may come of this, but right now, to me and many others, it appears to be a hit piece (by the way, the leaks could have come from Republicans too. We don't know yet).
  • Regardless, since I already have one foot in the swimming pool for Herman, I want to see how he deals with this pressure. It's a good test.
  • Interesting how the alleged "racist" crowd is rallying all around Herman while the alleged "civil rights crowd" is bashing him. Makes for great theatre.
  • Also interesting how the media is jumping all over this, but they continued to give Bill Clinton a pass on his sexual escapades even after he lied about them. And they gave Pres. Obama multiple passes on his associations with some really despicable people. Hypocrisy raising its ugly head again on the Left. They're all hypocrites. It's just Dems and Progressives make it an art form.
  • Guess who is leading Perry in a recent poll in Texas?---------Herman (Univ. of Texas at Austin/Texas Tribune Poll).
  • In case you have not heard yet, the Pee Party wants to market the Occupy Wall Street tag. I guess they see-------MONEY IN IT!
  • Looks like the Pee Party can't keep it in their pants. NY Post is reporting today that many of the protesters are flocking to the nearest health clinics to get tested for STD's because---well---they've been banging almost anyone crashing in their tents. Considering druggies and homeless were taking part in the partying, makes sense to be careful.
  • You know something? I just don't recall this kind of stuff going on with the Tea Party. I don't recall any reports of rape (5 now in this movement). I don't recall anyone throwing bottles at cops or knocking cops off their motorcycles. I don't recall the Tea Party folks trashing the environment. And the Left media still wants to portray these knuckleheads as the Tea Party on the Left. The only thing that remotely connects these two movements is that they are all human (I might reconsider that claim with some of these Pee Party folks), nothing more and nothing less.
  • It appears most had a lot of fun on Halloween. Well, let me take that back, 'cept for New Orleans. They got a tad carried away again---kinda like Detroit always does with burning down hundreds of buildings. In New Orleans, 15 people were shot and two of those died. Hey, it wouldn't be a party without some knuckleheads shooting people---now would it?

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