Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Occupy Wall Street Experience; Occupy Wall Street Finance Guy Lives Like A King; What Happened To That Arab Spring?; Herman: You Gotta Study Up On The Issues Bro

"The Occupy Wall Street blocked three subway stations today. Take that all you fat cats who ride the subway."---Fergusen

  • I visited two Occupy sites this weekend. Yesterday, we took a ride to Lancaster, PA, to check out the sights. There's an Occupy Lancaster site next to the city's police department (where they use the bathroom). I didn't see too many people there at all, perhaps 20 with about 10 to 15 tents. They all looked like homeless people (no offense to the homeless). Today, I went into Philadelphia and checked out Occupy Philly. How to describe it? It really looks like an encampment you might see in one of those movies about post-Apocalypse America. It stinks. There's litter all over the place---like all over the place. It looks very unsanitary. In addition, god forbid there's a fire, those tents and tarps will go up in minutes. There within inches of one another. Most of the tents (about 50) are covered with tarps. Many homeless have made themselves comfortable. Who can blame them? There's cover. There's food and water for free. I didn't have a camera with me, but the photo below of Zucotti Park in NY is the closest image I could find that will give you some idea of how it looks in Philadelphia. That image below is pretty close. In researching images of Occupy Philly, the photos I've seen on line do not show you the real picture---not even close.

  • And to make matters worse for Occupy Wall Street, the NY Post broke the story today that their finance guy and another OWS nitwit stay at the W Hotel in NYC. How much do they pay a night? How about $700 large. One of the hotel staff reported Peter Dotro, the OWS financier, stays there "all the time."
  • In one day last week, 7 NYPD cops were injured by the Occupy thugs with five who had to be treated because some of those thugs threw vinegar in their faces. The misfits also flicked lit cigarettes and batteries at the police.
  • Political cartoon in many papers today shows one man wearing a USA tee shirt and an Occupy guy wearing a tee shirt with a commie logo. Arrows points to each man. Those pointing to the guy wearing the USA sign read: employed, loves America, has a home, Tea Party, wants less government, has a family, no violence. The arrows pointing to the Occupy Guy read: wants more government, blames America, lives in his parent's basement, sense of entitlement, violence etc. Below the cartoon the question is asked: Which one is closer to 99% America?
  • Add one more insult to the Occupy movement, San Francisco---of all places---declared the Occupy SF encampment a public health nuisance.
  • The truth about the impact of Occupy Wall Street?---big, fat zero. How do they propose to get reforms by sleeping in tents surrounded by sh!t and pee? To date, they haven't even put forth a political candidate. In fact, I haven't heard them endorsing anyone either. As one commentator said recently, "The primary achievement of OWS has been to demonstrate its own ineffectiveness."
  • Perhaps this entire movement is only an illusion.
  • By the way, do you think the Occupy misfits know the union executives who support their movement are in the 1%?
  • It appears the "Arab Spring" progressives and the administration were touting a few months ago has turned into an "Arab Hell." Egyptian riot Police have stormed Cairo's Tahrir Square. I believe there were several deaths reported. As reported here when the rebels took over, I wrote at the time---don't be too happy because now they have a military dictatorship in place.
  • In case you've been to "occupied," you might have missed the fact that Herman Cain is screwing up much too often. As Rich Lowy of National Review pointed out, "Does He Ever Read The Papers?" When questioned about a number of issues and events occurring around the globe, Herman appears to be at a loss. Herman, here's some advice: hit the books!!!
  • You may have heard that it's not illegal for members of Congress to make trades based on insider information they have learned through their political work. For anyone else, it's illegal. So Sen. Irsten Gillibrand (D-NY) proposed a STOCK act that would bar lawmakers and their employees from benefiting from sharing information about stock trades. Her husband made more than 250 stock transactions in 2008 at the height of the mortgage implosion. There's a small problem with her proposal. Most experts agree her proposal is much too weak and would not deter people LIKE HER HUSBAND from reporting those trades in a timely fashion---ooops. NY Post
  • Little trivia for you. Do you know what country we get most of our oil from? If you guessed Saudi Arabia, you would be wrong. It's Canada. We get 12% from Canada. That's followed by Saudi Arabia at 5.7%, Nigeria at 5.2 and Venezuela at 5%. --- U.S. Energy Information Administration.

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