Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Super "Stupor" Committee: A Scam From The Start; Even Public Is Starting To Disapprove of OCW; Newt Hammered by The Right; Spain Elects A Conservative; Another Lone Wolf? The Truth About Islamophobia In America; The Myth Of The Arab Spring Continues

A women is suing Gary Busey over an incident in May when he drunkenly tackled her at an airport. When asked why he got drunk and tackled a stranger, Busey was like, "You're going to have to be more specific."---Fallon

  • And this leads me to the Super Committee or as I like to call it, The Stupor Committee. Stupor is generally defined as a state of reduced or suspended sensibility or a state of mental numbness. The media today are using terms like "Super Fail" (USA Today) or "Stupid Committee" (Crudele of the NY Post) or "The 4 Failures of the Super Committee" (The Atlantic). Without even reading that piece in The Atlantic,  I can tell you one failure right off the bat. Anyone should have realized immediately, when you have that fake, phony and back-stabbing fraud, John F. Kerry, on anything---it's a failure from the start. That's number one. The media is also trying to report to us that partisanship and bickering between both political parties led to this outcome. Don't believe it. Right from the start, it was obvious this was all a scam. The Politico reported the committee did not even meet one time in November. What does that tell you? USA Today started it's editorial {"Go Big On The Deficit? Congress Can't Even Go Small"} with, "Sad. Pathetic. Indefensible..."
  • And add to this illusion, Pres. Obama showed absolutely zero, nada, nic, no leadership throughout the entire process {I've been hammering this administration about its lack of leadership from the very start}. Even Mayor Bloomberg weighed in on this issue when he said yesterday, "It's the chief executive's job to bring people together and to provide leadership in difficult situations...I don't see that happening." (Keep in mind. This comes from a Mayor who has shown a remarkable absence of leadership when it comes to Occupy Wall Street. He folded like a cheap, Chinese made umbrella. I've purchased a few of these in my life. They last about 5 minutes if you're lucky. And, if it does start raining, forgetaboutit).
  • As Crudele of the NY Post  expressed it well when he wrote---in showing that this committee was not asked to cut a lot of money considering the size of our debt---"Remember, those $1.2 trillion in cuts were over 10 years That's peeing on a forest fire..." Let's just leave it at this folks: we've all be scammed---yet again.
  • Speaking of being scammed, reports are now coming in that MF Global,  Jon Corzine's company, says it's now missing $1.2 billion. We can only pray that Corzine, one of the worst governors and senators in the history of America, will be looking out thru a small window on to courtyard encircled with razor-wire some day.
  • Gallup is reporting the biggest change found in polling about Occupy Wall Street was in the percentage of Americans who disapprove of the way they are conducting themselves. It's now 31%, up from 20% in just the past 30 days. Some of their supporters are trying to convince us that political movements take time. This one has only been around for several months. There's some truth to that. The Vietnam protests took some time to catch on. But we're in a way different age now with social media. And yes, while social media can get a message out in a heartbeat (whatever it is in their case), it can also get out the images of the misifts, thugs, and felons of this movement just as fast. I think that's the problem and obstacle they are facing. They started out in the wrong direction. It's now more difficult to change the course of a movement that has grown larger (although not as large as the media wants us to believe--not yet anyway). That's why, if I gave them any advice (again), it would be to start over. Hey, but you didn't hear me say that.
  • Even Rich Lowry, like me, takes Newt to task. He especially takes Newt to task for Newt's Freddie Mac payoffs. When questioned about all the money Newt got from a mortgage company largely responsible for the economic meltdown, he said he was only acting as the company's "historian." Scuse me? Say what? You gotta be friggin kidding me?  I'll just leave it to Lowry to conclude, "When the more respectable 21st century equivalent of the Watergate burglars came to him with their black bag, Gingrich took his cut."
  • It appears the Spaniards have had enough of the Socialists in Spain. They elected a conservative to run the country. I appears Spaniards got a tad tired with unemployment hovering over 20% and almost 50% for the 20-25 year old age group.
  • The media and authorities just can't seem to help themselves. Regarding this Muslim convert from Harlem who was arrested this week for planning some terrorist attacks on NYC, the media referred to him as a "Lone Wolf." And how do they come to such a conclusion so quickly when many of the other domestic Muslim terrorists we caught had ties to Islamic terror groups?
  • Speaking of Muslims, the FBI published their recent stats on hate crimes. You might have noticed the theme, especially in the progressive media like NPR, is that anti-Muslim bias is a major problem in America. Well, according to the FBI, anti-Semitism still remains a far greater problem. In 2010, about 13% of religion-based attacks were directed at Muslims. By comparison, almost 66% of such crimes were directed at Jews. And this anti-Muslim bias has not increased even with all of the incidents of home-grown Islamic terrorists and groups.
  • The feds just reported the economy grew more slowly than previously estimated. It grew at 2% the last quarter. Gee, hard to believe, after all we've been told this past two weeks, that the economy sputtered.
  • More news about the myth of the Arab Spring: "Egyptians Expect To 'See A Lot Of Bloodshed.'"  USA Today.
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