Saturday, November 12, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Highlights; ObamaCare: Millions Have Lost Their Health Insurance

"Bank Executives On 15th Floor Gambling On Which Occupy Wall Street Protester Will Be Arrested Next."---Onion headline this week.

Some Of This Week's Highlights From The Occupy Misfits Around The Country:

Let's begin with a beautiful shot of Michael Moore's mutli-million mansion in Michigan

  • Occupy Oakland opened a bank account at Wells Fargo bank, one of the banks that received a government bailout. Gee, looks like Capitalism works well when it's your money. How do you spell, "hypocrisy?"
  • Several deaths reported on and near Occupy sites. Question now is: Will the Occupy crowd now start creating cemeteries on their sites?
  • A fatal drug OD reported at Occupy Vancouver. Starting to resemble Woodstock, don't you think?
  • A man was arrested at Occupy Portland and charged for throwing a Molotov cocktail, a popular weapon among Communists and anarchists.
  • Occupy Atlanta reported two cases of TB, the drug resistant type. Now that's a friggin problem.

  • Oakland's Mayor Jean Quan, initially supported the Pee Party nitwits along with other Dems like Pelosi, has now called on them to leave. Looks like Libs and Progressives can also run out of patience with nitwits and law breakers.
  • Gayle Mclaughlin, mayor of Richmond, CA, skipped her town's Veterans Day events to attend an Occupy Richmond rally instead. Stupid is as stupid does.
  • Occupy Wall Streeters have been seen scamming the public. Young punks in a variety of locations have been observed with signs that say, "Diabetic: Need Donations." They're all wearing the exact same sign.
  • Jay-Z, a multi-millionaire rap mogul, is marketing Occupy Wall Street tee shirts. They'll be selling for 22 bucks and he said he's not planning on sharing any proceeds with the Pee Party. He's part of the 1%. Why should he? Nice job Jay-Z. Capitalism at work.
(Sources: NY Post, Breitbart, Drudge, NBC New York, Hollywood Reporter).

Now let's look at some facts:
  • About 80% of America's millionaires are first generation to be rich. They didn't inherit it; they earned it.
  • Only 14% of those are involved in banking.
  • Roughly a 1/3rd are entrepreneurs.
  • 16% are doctors or other medical professionals.
  • Lawyers make up about 8%.
  • About 7% are engineers, scientists and computer pros.
  • Sports and entertainment make up 2%.
  • The top 1% pay almost 37% of all federal income taxes.
  • Households with more than $1 million in income donated more than $150 million to charity last year, roughly half of all charity donations.
  • The rich created millions of jobs in just the last 20 years.
(Sources: IRS and Cato Institute)

Yet, as reported last week, these Occupiers have said nothing about the likes of Corzine. His company, MF Global collapsed last week. Over 1000 employees were let go this week. $600 million in funds are missing. He's a former senator and governor of NJ and he's a liberal democrat. He's also the former chairman of Goldman Sachs. Oh, how can I forget? Corzine also donated thousands of dollars to Obama's campaign.

Throughout the campaign to get ObamaCare passed, the president said no one would lose their current health insurance. He said that hundreds of times.  The Weekly Standard and Gallup reported this week that 4.5 million Americans have lost their health insurance in the last 18 months.

Hey, is anyone watching all of the data and private information that Google, Facebook and others are collecting on us? Just askin'.

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