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Let's Compare The Tea Party To The Pee Party (Occupiers): Headlines Say It All; Gingrich Moves Up in Polls; School Kids Give Up On Pres.Obama

Famous Last Words Courtesy of The Onion:
  • George Washington Carver: "May people only remember me for the peanut."
  • Michael Jackson: "Great, I'm even dying kind of weird.

Okay, I think it's time we start making some comparisons considering the Occupy movement appears to be imploding because they've been unable to control the knuckleheads, thugs and felons that are in their movement. Let's begin with some headlines. After initially not reporting on the nonsense and crime going on with the Occupy misfits, the media is finally waking up.  Even the Tea Party did not experience these kinds of headlines from the main stream media (the worse the media could do with the Tea Party was call them "racists" and "Nazis," even though there was no evidence of such, and most Americans didn't even pay attention to those characterizations anyway, with the exception of the nitwits):

  • "At Occupy Wall Street Protest, Rising Concern About Crime." NY Times
  • "The Truth About Crime and Sexual Assault At Occupy Wall Street." Business Insider
  • "More Police Ordered for Occupy Site." Philadelphia Inquirer
  • "Violent Fringe Could Fray 'Occupy.'"  USA Today
  • "Woman Raped At Occupy Philadelphia." ABC News
  • "Tide Turns Against Wall Occupy Wall Street." {due to rise in crime} UK Telegraph
  • "Tuberculosis Breaks Out At Occupy Atlanta Base." CBS Atlanta
  • "Occupy Wall Street Encampments Becoming Haven for Death and Disease." The Examiner
  • "Two Deaths at Occupy Wall Street Protests in California and Vermont."  NBC News
  • "OWS Costs Local Biz...$479,400." NY Post
  • "Police: Downtown Molotov cocktail Linked to Occupy."  KATU Portland
  • "The Demon Demonstators."  NY Post (the piece points out when NY City paramedics tried to assist one of the Occupy nitwits, the paramedic was pushed into a ladder and suffered a broken leg).
In Philadelphia, the Mayor and police have had enough. They "asked" the protesters to move from their current location so an overdo renovation project can start. The Occupiers refused. So who are the Occupiers now hurting in Philadelphia? The 99%. These include the contractors and construction people who are now unable to start the project. The Occupy Philadelphia thugs have cost the city almost $500 grand already. "Mayor Nutter ordered a stepped-up police presence at the five-week-old protest Sunday," because of the "growing public health and safety concerns," reported the Philadelphia Inquirer.

As in NYC and other parts of the country, the Occupy Wall Street crowd's antics are costing small businesses---the 99%---a lot of money in lost revenue. For example, the movement costs a dozen businesses in NYC over $9,000 a day forcing some to lay off employees. In addition, many of these Occupy misfits have damaged the properties of these businesses especially rest rooms.

This is the result when you have authorities in these cities who've allowed these nitwits to bypass the rule of law. It's called appeasement and it never works.

You get the picture. The truth cannot be hidden from the public any longer. I can list hundreds of headlines similar to these from around the country and the globe.

Now, let's compare the Tea Party to the Occupy Crowd:

Arrests:       Tea Party: few, if any                  Occupy: Thousands
Rapes:         Tea Party: none reported            Occupy: Five we know of reported
Injured:      Tea Party: none reported            Occupy: Over 20 reported
Vandalism  Tea Party: none reported            Occupy: To many to even list

And when it comes to breaking the law, every Occupy encampment is now breaking laws from violating public health codes to outright crime (I would venture to say that taking a dump on a police car can be construed as a serious violation of health codes in any city---see photo above).

And let's review whose endorsed the Occupy crowd in the last two months. They include, but are not limited to, Bill Ayers (former domestic terrorist); The Communist Party, The Socialist Party, former ACORN thugs, Hugo Chavez, American Nazi Party, Black Panthers, and North Korea. Of course, we cannot forget Nancy Pelosi, Michael Moore,  and Slo Joe Biden. Pres. Obama came damn close to endorsing this crowd.  That's quite a collection of people and misfits (no, I don't consider Pres. Obama a misfit just a bad president).

If you missed it, this is how a former NYPD officer handled an Occupy protester recently:

Let's move from the urine invested crowd to other news:
  • Something is happening I never imagined would: Newt is moving up in the polls as of today. Gallup is reporting that Newt is now at 22% and Romney at 25% of Republicans polled. Cain is down to 14%, a drop of 11 points. Perhaps those concerned about Herman's alleged sexual harassment charges moved to Newt. I don't know, but Newt picked up voters from somewhere in the last month. Perry is at 12% in this poll. Or can this be attributed to Newt just being a masterful politician? He's certainly smart. The debates have shown that he can hang in there with the others. He also has a "set." He's not afraid to go after the moderators. Someone reported every time he smacks down one of those moderators, he picks up 10 voters, because the media is so detested. Still, I don't like the guy. I'd love to have him for a history prof, but not president.
  • The Politico is reporting "kid's obsession with President Obama fades." Fifth-grader, Tanya Moreland, said, "To be honest, all the 'hoorah' is gone." By the way, do you remember all those creepy songs teachers had their elementary students sing during the 2008 campaign in support of Obama? That was some weird sh!t. Looks like even school children understand the Hope and Change is not working out----mmmmm!!!
  • Comment on Politico: "If you voted for Obama to prove you were not a racist, vote for someone else in 2012 (anyone) to prove you're not an idiot."
  • You might have seen some of the photos of Michael Moore's mansion online this week. I believe my last post had a photo of it. It's 10,000 square feet. In addition, the township in which he lives in Michigan is 98% white. The guy is a fake, phony and fraud and always has been. It's just a shame he's made so much money; he's part of the 1%---hear that Occupy Wall Street!!!

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