Tuesday, November 8, 2011

RIP Smokin' Joe; My One Question for Penn State's President & Joe Pa; Herman's Problem; Accuser Hugged Cain A Month Earlier; Occupy Update; The Politico: Bias? You Decide; ET Does Not Exist; Michael Jackson's Doctor Should Not Have Even Been On Trial

"Report: More Recent College Graduates Making Extra Money By Tutoring High School Teachers."---The Onion.

  • RIP Smokin' Joe Frazier, a great boxer and a good man. And yet, in Philadelphia, we have a statue to a fictional fighter, Rocky, and nothing to the real thing. Hopefully, Philadelphia will honor Smokin' Joe appropriately.

  • If I were a reporter, I'd have only one question for the president of Penn State and Joe Paterno.  There were several incidents involving Jerry Sandusky piror to the 2002 incident where a grad assistant, later a Paterno assistant, witnessed the sexual abuse in the shower area, then why did you allow Sandusky to remain so close to the football program even after he retired? As USA Today's editorial pointed out, "There is no moral or ethical defense for what occurred." Yes, Paterno reported it to his "superiors." But he should have also called the police.  All he had to do was call the local police and/or the State Police and say, "This is Joe Paterno..." And the police would have looked into the allegations. But, I suspect, as do many others, they wanted to protect the football program  and to hell with the children.
  • Penn State just announced Paterno's news conference today has been cancelled.
  • Suggestion from moi to Joe: Go out and say you made a mistake. Admit you should have follow-up on the 2002 incident. Apologize. Then announce your resignation.
  • And please don't try to tell us that no one knew what was going on. Anyone who works knows secrets in the workplace get out.
  • Speaking of sports, I always get this good feeling when Mike Vick of the Eagles loses a game. Something very karmic about it.
  • Now to Herman Cain's problem. Let me say this right up front: If it's proven he's been lying, he needs to get the hell out of the race. Unlike many Democrats and Liberals who defended Bill Clinton for his inappropriate behavior, conservatives and Republicans cannot nor should they tolerate that kind of behavior from a presidential nominee, if true.
  • There are several things that bother me about the accuser. Just today, Amy Jacobson, a co-host for WIND in Chicago, said she witnessed Cain's accuser hugging him at an event as recently as last month. The accuser also said she was "embarrassed" about the incident 14 years ago, and just wanted to move on. So, if you're embarrassed by that incident, you go public with a news conference 14 years later? Strange. Her news conference also appeared to slick to me. She actually said she remembered what he was wearing and what she was wearing. Really? Most people can't remember what they had for lunch yesterday. As one columnist said, "The gold rush is on." Herman plans on giving a statement today. This is just the beginning. Or we may never find out the truth.
  • In just the last several months, The Politico ran 138 stories about Cain, over 90% about his alleged inappropriate sexual behavior with women ( with the exception of one woman who works for the Obama administration, those women were not identified and used headlines with really no meat in the stories. All were vague.). During the same period, they ran 3 stories on the Fast and Furious Scandal, 9 on Solyndra, 17 on unemployment.
  • The UK's Mail is reporting today that the accuser's fiance said he is supporting her, but did not know anything about the accusations against Cain. He said she never told him. They've been dating for several years. And Real Clear Politics is now reporting she lived in the same building as David Axelrod, Obama's Senior Advisor.  Something just does not pass the smell test for me. Yet, it's also one of the reasons many women do not report this stuff, because the media pounces on them as they did with Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey to name a few.
  • Business owners near Zuccotti Park reported being threatened by the Occupiers. In addition, the Pee Party protesters have been breaking bathrooms, clogging sinks and toilets and much more in many of the establishments. It's so bad in the area, many shop owners have doubled-up on their own security.---NY Post
  • In Oakland, downtown retailers and business owners now estimate they've lost about 300 to 400 jobs because retailers decided not to renew their leases because of the Occupy Oakland Pee Party and its antics. The Chamber of Commerce reported at least three deals have fallen through. In one deal, they expected to hire over a 100 people in a 50,000 square feet office space---AP
  • And then you read this: "Solyndra Bonus Babies." No wonder many good people---not the knuckleheads in the Pee Party---are ticked off.  As Solyndra was going under even though the feds pumped over $500 million into this failing company, the executives decided to give themselves bonuses.---NewsCore
  • For those who believe in ET, the US government announced this week it has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted us.---White House Office of Science and Technology
  • Speaking of ET, if your one of those readers who likes Stephen King's novels, his latest, "11/22/63" is getting rave reviews. In short, it's about a man going back in time to stop the assassination of JFK.
  • My opinion: Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's physician, should not have even gone to trial. He made a mistake. There was absolutely no proof of intent to hurt or kill Jackson. Doctor's make thousands of mistakes a year resulting in harm, and sometimes death, to patients. Yes, revoke his license to practice. He should have been sued in civil court.

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