Thursday, November 10, 2011

What if Paterno Wore A Roman Collar? He & Others Violated The Universal Value; The Long Journey to Reclaiming Its Soul and Integrity; These Cain Accusers: Credible? How History Repeats Itself; Remember Our Veterans

A new poll shows Pres. Obama's policies are more popular overseas than they are here in America. That's because he's created more jobs overseas than here in America.---Leno

  • I was talking to someone who feels sorry for Paterno's firing. This person also was very adamant about going after priests who molested children and those in the hierarchy who protected them. I then told her to visualize Paterno and many of the other administrators at Penn State wearing a Roman collar. I think she got the point.
  • The fact is there is one universal value, one major obligation most of humanity agrees with and it's this: Our children must be protected.
  • Now, let's look at a timeline: 1996-1998: Victim 5 is allegedly taken to the locker room showers at Penn State by Sandusky. The victim was 8-10 years of age. Sandusky remains employed at Penn State and the football team under Paterno. In 1998, Victim 6 is taken to the locker room and showers when he was 11. He returns home. His hair is still wet from allegedly showering with Sandusky.  His mother reports the incident to the university police. The case is eventually closed by the DA (who, by the way has been missing for some time now. No one knows what's happened to him. He or his body have never been found). After this incident, Sandusky still remains an employee of the university and works for Paterno. Sandusky resigns from Penn State in 1999 but holds an emeritus status. In the fall of 2000, a janitor reports he observed Sandusky in the showers at Penn State pinning a young boy up against the wall, performing oral sex on the boy. The janitor reports the incident to his supervisor, but a report is never filed. Sandusky is still permitted on campus. Then the 2002 incident occurs when graduate assistant, Mike MCQueary, now an assistant coach, witnesses a young boy about 10 years of age being allegedly molested by Sandusky on March 1st.. He tells his father immediately and tells Paterno the next day at Paterno's home.  Paterno reports the incident to his supervisor, Tim Curley, Penn State's AD on MARCH 3RD, two days after the alleged incident occurred. Sandusky is still allowed to come on campus, but his locker keys have been confiscated. In 2008, another report of  a alleged sexual abuse by Sandusky of high school student. The student's mother reports the incident and school authorities report the incident to authorities. In early 2009, a formal investigation begins.
  • Do you get the picture? In addition, how was this creep---Sandusky--- allowed to remain in the charity he founded, a charity serving underprivileged children for some many years?  Did Sandusky abruptly resign in 1999, at age 55, because of all of this? In other words, did university officials tell him to resign even though it was widely known he was the heir apparent to Joe Paterno? But why, after several reported incidents, was he even allowed on campus?
  • As one writer wrote (sorry, I can't reference it. I've read and heard so much on this in the last several days): Sandusky robbed boys of their innocence, but also robbed Paterno of his legacy. While there is truth in that statement, Paterno had a lot to do with tarnishing his legacy himself.
  • In 2002, Bishop Wilton Gregory, then-president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, said of the sex abuse scandal in the Church, "We are the ones who chose not to report the criminal actions of priests to authorities, because the law did not allow it...We are the ones...with knowledge, who allowed priest abusers to remain in the ministry and reassigned them to communities where they continued to abuse." Sound familier?
  • Now, like the Catholic Church, Penn State has to start on a long journey of reclaiming its soul and integrity. That's going to take a long, long time.
  • The we have the women who've accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment. It was reported today, one of the other women, a Karen Kraushaar, has a history of claiming sexual harassment when she worked at INS. She claimed a supervisor disseminated a sexually explicit e-mail. But it did not end there. Her demands included thousands of dollars in up-front payments, a one-year fellowship at Harvard and reinstatement of leave time. She also demanded higher pay. She's now communication director at the US Department of Treasury.---NY Post. So it remains: who to believe?
  • I caught a taste of the Republican debate in replay. Wow!!! Perry looked weak.
  • Did you know there was an Occupy Wall Street movement in 1920? Protesters, at that time, were surprisingly similar to those now---lot of progressives, Commies and Socialists in the movement saying the exact same things these knuckleheads are saying. But there was one, big difference: They blew up a bomb at Wall Street's J.P. Morgan's office that injured 300 and killed 30.  In 1920, Americans witnessed the horrors of class warfare. Don't think it can't happen again.---USA Today
  • By the way, with all of the laws being broken by many of these Occupiers throughout the country, I find it stunning that so many city officials have abdicated their responsibility to protect their citizens from the kind of crap that is going on. In NYC, God forbid, you try to sneak a smoke in a city park and see what happens if you're caught puffing away. Yet, apparently, they have no problem with these nitwits trashing the environment, causing all kinds of crime and making noise throughout the day and night.
  • Reminder to us all of way more important things that stinking football and football coaches: Let's not forget our vets tomorrow.

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