Wednesday, April 20, 2011

5 Bucks/Gallon; Boots On Ground In Libya?; Al-Qaeda Goes Madison Ave.; Why A Facebook Townhall in CA?; Lady Ga Ga (just one more time); Not One Word About Trump--I Swear

The Onion's opinion page today: " Screening For Sex Offenders." To which a woman replied, "I'm glad they didn't have that policy two years ago or I never would've met Dave."
  • Fuel hits $5 a gallon in D.C. Do you remember the uproar at Bush when it hit $4 a gallon? Here are some reminders: "George W. Bush and Peak Oil: Beyond Incompetence." {Energy Bulletin}; "Three in Four Americans Angry About Gas Prices." {Gallup}; In a 2007 press conference, Pelosi blamed Bush for high gas prices. Average price of fuel in March of 2007 was $2.30/gallon. In January 2008, according to the Dept. of Energy, the average price of fuel was $2.99. Average price this week: $3.79 and climbing.
  • United Kingdom newspapers are reporting that Britain plans on sending military advisers to help the Libyan rebels. Well, at least it's not our boots. Italy announced it's sending in military instructors. I recall seeing those same type of headlines in the early 1960's regarding Vietnam.
  • This story is not out of The Onion. USA Today reports Al-Qaeda publishes two very classy and glossy magazines. They're entitled Inspire and the Al-Shamikha. Their stories really do pull at one's heart strings. For example, Inspire ran a piece on "How to build the ultimate 'killing car.'" In another article obviously aimed for the entire family, it had instructions on how to disassemble, clean and reassemble an AK-47. Al-Shamikha is described as a kind of Cosmo clone. And their articles are geared more toward relationships, love, dating,  family, etc. For example, they had a recent lovely piece promoting  an interview with a Jihadi wife (tears came to my eyes after reading this article). These magazines appear to be fun for the entire family--at least those family members who've not blown themselves up to smithereens yet. I'm patiently waiting for an article on those 72 virgins. I hope they have some centerfolds.
  • An often overused phrase, "I think I'm living on another planet," may be appropriate for this story. There was a meeting on immigration reform at the White House this week. And who do you think was one of the key facilitators at this meeting? None other than that fake, phony and fraud Al "Sharpie" Sharpton. Folks, the other planets are starting to look good to me.
  • The president will be holding a Facebook townhall meeting in California today. Obviously, that means he has to travel there. What's wrong with this picture? If you're holding an internet townhall meeting, why not just remain in D.C. and do it? Why spend all of that money on travel, security, food, etc. etc. Sometimes I really, really think the White House is so out of touch with what is happening on the ground, they can't see the forest through the trees (whatever the heck that means). Oh, one more thing, less than 1% of his friends have signed up to view this Facebook event.
  • As you've probably heard, Lady GaGa (aka, Lady Ka Ka) will be releasing--what many believe to be--an anti-Catholic video on Easter Sunday. In it, she ingests a string of Rosary Beads. Many might say what's the big deal. This is the big deal--all of these nitwits who take shots at Catholicism, Christianity, and other religions are cowards. Why? Because they would never, ever consider doing something similar with regard to Islam (nor should they). And it's very clear why they don't---they'd like to keep that head they see when they look in the mirror every day.
  • Charlie who?
  • The Arab world has been considering a site for the big Arab League conference. But every spot in the Middle East they've considered is just too dangerous now except one---Iraq. Yes, they are considering holding it in Iraq.
  • Have you also noticed something else? The only democracy in that area, Israel, is somewhat calm (when Hamas is not lobbying missiles and rockets into it).
  • A women turns to her husband in bed and asks, "Do you love me because my father died and left me a fortune." "That's crazy, of course not," her husband replies. "I'd love you no mattter who left you the money."

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