Thursday, April 21, 2011

Did Jesus Wear Air Jordans?, No Whiffle Ball 4 You!, Kid Rock, Sanitizers Don't Work, The Loon Strikes Again, Legal--Illegal What Difference Does It Make Anymore?

If there's one question I would like to ask someone from this generation who went to public school, it's this one: Do you think Jesus wore Air Jordans? I actually believe I'd get answers like, "I don't know man" or "Maybe" or "Yeh, he probably did" or "Did they make them then?"
  • The FAA suspended another air traffic controller last week for watching a movie on the job. The controller said he was only watching the movie because he couldn't sleep {Leno}.
  • New York City's nanny gestapo crowd had to back off on a really, really stupid proposal they had planned for this summer. They actually wanted to ban kid games like Wiffle Ball, kickball and dodge ball because they felt the games posed a "significant risk of injury." Who are these wussies running our local governments and school yards anyway? No wonder so many children these days are are fatties. Authorities actually don't want them to enjoy their childhood. When I was a kid growing up in the South Bronx, and if anyone said we were not allowed to play those games--that person would be in danger of getting punched in the nose or getting a very, very painful nookie.
  • I have it on good authority that the meeting at the White House on immigration did not have any significant representation from our border states, ie like a governor. But that fake, phony and fraud Sharpie Sharpton attended.
  • I've said before that I think it's going to be hard for the president to run on his record. I was listening to Dennis Miller and he brought up a good point. He basically said 3 years ago, Obama was running against the status quo. But now--he's become the status quo, so how will younger voters respond?
  • Another reason I like Kid Rock. In his interview in this month's Esquire he said, "I don't do hookers, man. I'm in a rock band." And when asked what he'd be doing if he was not Kid Rock, he replied, "It's simple, I'd be a broke Kid Rock."
  • Yesterday, it was reported that Britain and Italy are planning to put boots on the ground in Libya. Today, the BBC is reporting Italy will be joining the effort.
  • I wonder how many people know that Syrian security forces are slaughtering civilians. I thought that dictators killing their own was the new benchmark for our intervention. I guess that was for March only.
  • My vote for one of the best shows on TV: MI-5, a British production. MI5 is similar to our FBI.
  • As the nitwits in D.C. debate taxes, know these facts: One half of the country is carrying the weight of the rest of the country in terms of their paying taxes. Again, the bottom 50% of Americans pay 2.7%. The top 50% pay the rest. The top 5% already pay close to 60% (National Taxpayers Union).
  • And if you are single and making $200,000 ($250k for families), the White House says you are rich. So I guess if you are making $199,999.99, you're not.
  • And the president released his tax returns.  Turns out he made $1.7 million and spent $14 trillion {Courtesy Leno}.
  • The FDA is reporting that those hand sanitizers many now use--well, they don't work as well as advertised. For example, according to the FDA, these sanitizers do not prevent infection from MRSA, E-Coli, salmonella, flu and other bacteria and viruses. Oh well, it's back to hand washing and drying my hands under my armpits.
  • I can't have a week go by without posting more dumb comments from that loon, Chris Mathews of MSNBC. He said this week that there are two kinds of Republicans, the smart George Will types and the "tribalist" and "crazy" Donald Trump types. How good is Mathews at his observations? This alleged expert pundit has no idea that many Republicans, especially Republicans in the elite, do not want anything to do with Trump. And memo to Mathews: there are actually many more types of Republicans.  RINO's come immediately to mind.  And let's not start on the number of different liberals and progressives you have in your own party. That would take several editions of this blog. So let's be fair Chris: both sides have their share of lunatics--and you make that point every day.
  • Did you know that Maryland passed a law that provides in-state college tuition to illegal immigrants? So that means, if you're an American citizen and live out of state, you can't get the tuition break someone is getting who is in the country illegally?
  • Utah, on the other hand, created a "guest worker" program that would allow illegal immigrants to register to work legally in the state. I happen to think that's not a bad compromise, but I do have a question: How can you register to work "legally" when you are in the country illegally?
Just in time for the wedding of the Royals, a British brewer created a Viagra laced beer. The label says: "Arise Prince Willie."

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