Friday, April 22, 2011

Conspicuous Media Bias & Over-The-Top Rhetoric, Illegal Immigration's Cost, GOP: Who Will Emerge, Who Is This Man?, Nation Is Moody

If Trump does get elected president, I hope he puts a wig on his plane and calls it Hair Force One {Kimmel}.

  • There are many examples of bias in the media. Some of it is conspicuous and some of it is what I call, bias by not reporting on specific news events. This occurs in both the liberal and conservative media. But I believe it's more prevalent in the liberal media. The most recent examples include the coverage of Tea Party events. The media regularly misrepresents the folks in the Tea Party. One classic example was MNSB's Chris Mathews identifying the Tea Party with the Muslim Brotherhood. Ed Shultz, also of MSNBC, saying."We ought to rip {Dick Cheney's heart out} and kick it around and stuff it back in him." Montel Williams on Air America said of Michele Bachman that she should "slit her wrists." During the coal miner crisis, Mathews said the coal miners would all be dead if they followed the Tea Party philosophy. And just this week, a popular Liberal web site (I refuse to name it here because it would defile my blog) attacked Sarah Palin's 3 year old developmentally disabled son. In the post, the author writes a poem to her son that mentions her son Trig dreaming. The author goes on to write, "What's he dreaming about? He's retarded." (A number of high profile advertisers pulled their adds from this site yesterday. And even some Liberal writers attacked the dufis who wrote that piece). By the way,  I defy anyone to show examples of that type of rhetoric appearing on Fox News. And, bias by not reporting, is evident regularly when the media fails or neglects to report on the violence and violent rhetoric of the Left. There were many examples of this during the Madison, WI, debates about their budget and collective bargaining rights. There were numerous signs implying Gov. Walker was acting like Hitler (what is the Left's fascination with Nazis and Hitler anyway?). Other signs said, "Gov. Walker  Terrorizes Families," "Down With The Dictator," "Death to Tyrants," "Hitler Outlawed Unions Too," (by the way, he did after he used them to get into power)., "The Only Good Republican is a Dead Republican," "Reload" (with cross hairs on a photo of Gov. Walker) and many, many more like these. There have been few, any,  examples of such outrageous signs at any Tea Party or Town Hall rallies.   During that period, there was also a lot of damage done to the state capital by the protesters. Republican state senators received death threats. The the bottom line is most of the media does not cover the flagrant hate speech on the Left.
  • That brings me to another hot topic--immigration. I happen to be an immigrant myself. I've seen hundreds of immigrants waiting on long lines out side immigration offices to get their legal documents. Thousands world-wide also wait on long lines for days outside American embassies to get the opportunity to enter our country legally. So when I see illegal immigrants marching in NYC with signs that say, "Undocumented, Unafraid and Unapologetic," it makes my blood boil. If thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, are willing to enter our country legally, then so can these people.
  • And how much are incarcerated illegals costing us each year? In California alone, there are over 100,00 in the state's prison system. Nationwide, it's costing taxpayers over a billion dollars a year to house these illegal criminals in our prisons.
  • Yesterday I asked why the president decided to fly across the country to do a Facebook Townhall. I questioned the appropriateness of that trip when he could have done the same thing at the White House and not spend thousands of dollars on the trip. But I was naive. He went there to also raise money from guys like Zukerberg. He had a Bay Area fundraiser. There were 85 guests who paid almost $39 grand to have dinner with the president. Most were millionaires and billionaires {Source: Pajamas Media}.
  • You might recall Pres. Bush was asked a number of years ago if he could think of any mistakes he made. He had a hard time answering that question and was roundly criticized for it. Pres. Obama was asked a similar question in California yesterday. He couldn't think of any.
  • When I look at the current potential GOP field, I can't help but yawn. But, for the GOP, there is hope. No one even knew who Pres. Obama was prior to 2007. So it will be interesting to see if anyone emerges.
  • Speaking of Pres. Obama, he proves every day what a great country this is. Think about it. Up until just a few years ago, very few people outside Chicago and the Beltway even knew who this man was. His background is fuzzy at the least. For example, we know little about his school years from grade school to college. We hardly know anything about his family other than what he wrote about them himself.  Most of his records are under lock and key. When was the last time anyone ever heard a friend of his talking about growing up and knowing this man? With the exception of what he wrote himself in his books,  I can't think of one instance. He had limited experience in almost everything. He never really held a job unless you consider being  a part-time college professor a job. He was a state senator for a few years and then a rookie U.S. senator for about a heart beat. And, yet, after all of this: he's President of the United States. It is a great country--albeit, full of a lot of stupid people--but still great.
  • Hey Birthers: I have a question for you. The Clinton's are pure genius when it comes to politics. They can also be quite brutal at that game. When Hillary was campaigning against Obama for president, don't you think she would have brought up the birth certificate issue if she had the evidence? Of course she would have. It tells me--they probably researched it--and found nothing unusual.
  • What has Hope and Change brought us? According to the New York Times today, the nation's overall mood is the lowest in more than 2 years.
  • And when the President was in California this week, he was heckled. What were some people asking him? Where's our change?
  • Here's some Baby Boomer trivia: There are 77 million Boomers now. 7,000 turn 65 every day.
  • And a political story from The Onion today: "Mitt Romney Haunted By Past Of Trying To Help Uninsured Sick People."

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