Monday, April 25, 2011

Drive-By Hits: Prince William, Lohan, Trump, Big Government, Obama Fatigue, Class Warfare, After Kadafi, What?

The Onion

Some Quick Drive-By Hits:

  • Lindsay Lohan has been arrested about 5 times, maybe more. In 2007, she spent a whopping 87 minutes in jail on her first DUI charge.
  • I have another theory why Trump might be doing well: it's the underlying disgust many Americans have for our government's policies.
  • News reports cited Trump has not voted in any primaries for about 20 years. So what? The only folks who vote in primaries are diehards. He's voted in general elections.
  • Do you know that Obama fatigue is setting in faster than W fatigue set in? It's taken only about 2 years with Obama. It took about 6 for W.
  • Remember, great achievement have never come from governments. They've almost always come from great people such as Henry Ford, Gates, Jobs, Einstein, and a host of other geniuses.
  • Make no mistake about it--Obama's campaign is now based on class warfare and envy. The irony (or perhaps intention) is that Pres. Obama still does not mind taking millions from the same people he's bashing. So it's either irony or just being a fake, phony and fraud. The Obama campaign wants us to think that every "rich" person is a Gordon Gekko.
  • Did you know that in 2008, while Obama was campaigning, he told a reporter: "You know, I actually believe my own bullsh!t" {about fundamentally transforming America}? (Source: NY Post)
  • Political gaffes are usually when the person gets caught---telling the truth (in my opinion).
  • I defy anyone to tell me what political party Chris Wallace of Fox News leans toward.
  • While celebrating Earth Day, the President burned over 9000 gallons of fuel (Source: CBS News).
  • I've often asked, what do we do if Kadafi wins? But, I have not heard another question asked: what do we do if he does get overthrown? The history of that region leans toward continued violence and perhaps some score settling which is usually bloody.
  • Of God's and Men is a movie about seven Trappist Monks who were kidnapped from their monastery in Algeria. They worked with their Muslim neighbors even as Islamist guerrillas were fighting the government in the 1990's. They were offered protection, but always refused it. They wanted to keep serving their Muslim neighbors. Eventually, all seven were kidnapped and and held for two months. Then they were beheaded.
  • The IMF (International Monetary Fund) declared last week--while few noticed--that "The Age of America" is coming to an end. China's economy is expected to surpass our by 2016. Perhaps this was the change Pres. Obama was talking about (Source: Market Watch/WSJ).
  • Overused words and phrases in the last several years: "let me be clear," unustainable, reckless spending, entitlements, discretionary spending, "the system is broken,"shared sacrificing, "level the playing field," held accountable, unprecedented, transparent, "the previous administration," fiscal responsibility, "make no mistake," and "I will not rest until.."
on the Royal Wedding: "Millions of People Prince William Would Never Deign To Speak To Captivated By Royal Wedding."

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