Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Larry King's Dumbass Quote, Birthers:Kooks?, Dependence on Gov't Climbs, Wages at an Historic Low, Beached White Males, Ron Paul Launches Again

From The Onion today: "Study: Only Four Scenic Routes Left In The Country."

Really, really dumb quote of the week by a real dumbass: Larry King was asked recently about the most interesting people he's interviewed over the years. This is what he said about interviewing Hubo Chavez, "I liked him. Whatever his politics, he is always engaging and funny." Whatever his politics? I guess Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, and other monsters would have been okay with this nitwit as long as they were "engaging and funny."

  • She was convicted of felony manslaughter, for allowing her two pit bulls to kill an elderly neighbor.  He was convicted of conspiracry to commit securities fraud.  She tackled and pinned a fourth grade special-education student. She defrauded the HUD of nearly $40,000. And she was caught stealing more than $10 grand from the Dept. of Social Services. So what do all of these--and many more--have in common? They are all public school teachers who have been allowed to return to the classroom {Source: NY Post: Criminal Teachers Go Back To Class}.
  • Memo to Birthers: Stop already! You are close to starting to look like kooks.
  • For the first time in the nation's history, the number of Americans dependent on the government has broken a record. Now, 18.3% of the nation's total personal income was from the government, ie Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment. And wages have slipped to an historic low {Source: USA Today}.
  • Since Newark, NJ, layed off many of their police officers, murder rates have climbed by more than 71%.
  • DeWayne Wickham, a well-known liberal black columnist, wrote a piece today in USA Today entitled, "Obama's Broken Promise: A Vow To Help Jobless Blacks." I've written about that exact same thing a few times in the last year. Wickham correctly points out that the unemployment rate has risen sharply for blacks under Pres. Obama, from about 8% to over 15% now.
  • Memo to Mr. Wickham and others: If the president and his team didn't spend so much time on trying to get ObamaCare passed when unemployment was over 10%--perhaps more people--black and white--would be working today. In my opinion, that's the time the snowball started rolling down the hill.
  • John Goodell, two time Olympic Gold medalist, has been out of work and unable to find a job. He's only 52. Newsweek ran a piece on "beached white males."  These are white guys who had big jobs, big offices, big bonuses and now are all washed up. They can't find a job. In 2002, there were about 246,000 of these guys. Now there are almost 600,000, ages 35-64. I've been flopping on the beach myself now for over 3 years.
  • Slow Joe Biden has been put in charge of debt discussion. Now keep this in mind, he was in charge of the stimulus package. He's also been given the lead by Pres. Obama in foreign affairs. So I ask you: which one of those areas is doing well?
  • The FBI reports there have been over 500 serial killings along our interstate highway system. So it should be no surprise at all that the suspects are 275 long-haul truck drivers.
  • Fuel prices have risen now 34 straight days in a row.
  • Ron Paul launched his campaign again. I could swear this guy has been running for president every four years for a long time now. He has a cult like following because of his libertarian views. For some reason, he's one of the few politicans I believe more than disbelieve (and, no,  my Kool Aid is still in my glass).

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