Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trump Called Him On It, We Need New Pundits, Keith Richard's Daughter Gets A Pass, Trump Right About DeNiro, Tavis Smiley:A First-Class Putz

A new study found that Americans spend $1.2 trillion on stuff they don't need. Or, as Republicans call it, healthcare {Fallon}

  • Trump, like a good casino owner, called the president on releasing his birth certificate. I've now seen it. Looks good to me, but don't think for a moment this issue is over.
  • Speaking of Trump, before Republicans get on his bandwagon, they need to know he's contributed to the likes of Harry "The War Is Lost" Reid, Anthony "Whiner" Weiner, tax dodger Charlie Rangel and Charlie "Chuckie Cheese" Schumer. He's also  contributed to Palin, Bush and McCain. So it looks like he covers his bases like any good businessman.
  • Tell you one of the reasons why I don't watch a lot of the pundit shows on TV (ie, Hannity, O'Reilly, CNN, etc.)---because they have the same pundits on over and over again. I like Karl Rove. He's a smart guy. But I can't listen and watch him 50 times a week. Same goes for John Bolton, David Gergen and a few others who appear to be on these shows every hour of every day. These networks need to find some fresh on-air talent.
  • When President Obama became president, a gallon of fuel averaged $1.85.
  • I'll tell you something else that gets me angry. It's these celebrities who get off lightly when they commit crimes. Theodora Richards, daughter of Keith of the Stones, was arrested for carrying illegal prescription drugs, dope and scrawling graffiti on private property. She got a whopping two friggin whole days of community service. Hey, and not that I approve, but there are people serving years for dope related charges. If anyone of us did what Charlie Sheen's done in the last 10 years, we'd be serving some time right now.
  • I was just reading the list of Time's 100 most influential people. Slo Joe Biden made the list. That tells me the list has no credibility whatsoever. Yes, Pres. Obama made the list as he should; but, unless I missed him, no sign of Al Gore.
  • I've been watching The Civil War on PBS the last several weeks. I learned this lesson: The South was wrong, and they fought for the wrong cause. I don't put them in any hero category.
  • I admire Robert DeNiro as an actor. He's one of the best--hands down. But Trump was right about DeNiro when he said he's "not the brightest bulb on the planet." Have you ever seen DeNiro being interviewed? Take my word for it--a real dummy.
  • A new show, The Voice, is premiering tonight. Linda Stasi of the NY Post asked a good question: How many singing shows do we really need?
  • More Public School Absurdity: She had nine specifications of incompetence over two years of teaching. It took the NY Public School System over 15 months to can her butt. In the meantime, she still made $172 grand. Another school employee, a social worker, was charged with incompetence for three school years. While her case was being reviewed, she still collected $223,000 in salary. Another teacher was charged with incompetence. He was terminated but was "inexplicably" rehired as a full-time teacher. He was rated unsatisfactory for the next three years. He collected $125 grand in salary while his case was being reviewed. Folks, these are just a few examples of what goes on in one urban school district in America.
  • Tavis Smiley of PBS said the 2012 election will be "the most racist in the history of the Republic."  In addition to being a putz, he doesn't even know American history. Suggestion for Smiley: As a black American, do some research on elections that took place in the South for over 100 years. You might actually learn something about truly racist elections.
  • "The Recession Is Over News" The Newark Star Ledger  reported today that it will take NJ over 5 years to restore job levels to what they were in 2007.
  • Do you know another reason so many companies, unions and at least one state are getting waivers from ObamaCare? It's to mitigate the pain the healthcare law will create.

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