Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jesus Is Back!, NCAA, Snooki Redux; Angelina Jolie, 9/11 Aftermath; Sheen A Bust? But Britney Is Back, Hillary Should Run

While at the mall today, I saw a woman wearing a pair of those sweatpants with "Pink" across her rear end. The problem was her rear was the size of a cow's ass. So I had to ask myself why would you draw attention to an ass that size with "Pink" written across it? (I know. I know. I tend to ask myself some strange questions).
  • The Onion Reported, " Jesus Surprises The 700 Club With A Walk-On Appearance."
  • Butler in an upset over UConn: 75-72 (so if you are betting, know my brackets blew up within about an hour after being posted--shows you how much I know).
  • Regarding Snooki, one of the best descriptions of her I've read to date was by Michael Goodwin of the NY Post today. He wrote, "When the book is written on the decline and fall of America, the human train wreck known as Snooki will deserve the final chapter. But unlike the barbarians of old, she didn't need to crash through the gates of civilization. They were flung open in her honor." By the way, parents are fuming at Rutgers because Snooki was paid $10,000 for her one appearance. That's about $10k more than the $24k it costs parents to send their kids to Rutgers.
  • Angelina Jolie (no particular reason I included her here. I just love her that's all).
  • With Libya, The U.S. and the Coalition said one of the stated reasons we went into the country was humanitarian. Over 1,000 people were massacred in one day in the Ivory Coast this week. What to do? The French have already send some troops into the country. Didn't the French take the lead with Libya? Just askin'.
  • One of the unfortunate consequences of 9/11 is that the attack is still killing many of us. To date, over 600 WTC workers who spent a lot of time at the site after the attacks have died from cancer. Focusing on the 9/11 responders {FDNY and NYPD} 97 have died from digestive type cancers, e.g. colon, liver, pancreas, etc.; 96 from respiratory type cancers, e.g. lung, larynx; 49 from blood cell cancers, e.g. leukemia, myelomas, etc.; 19 from urinary cancers and 18 from brain cancer.
  • Rep. Weiner, who pronounces his name--"weener"--should consider changing it to "whiner." For years, this arrogant twirp was squealing about dipolmats not paying their traffic fines in NY City. Well, New York papers reported this week, this obnoxious knucklehead failed to pay over $2000 in parking violations in D.C.
  • Detroit news outlets are reporting Charlie Sheen's Detroit appearance was an "unmitigated disaster." {critic's remark}. He was booed and many people just walked out on him. Pres. Obama would have been better accepted at a Birther rally. As people booed him, he yelled back, "I already got your money, dude." You know something?-----he's right. You have to be a moron to spend your hard earned money to see this lunatic especially when you can hear and watch his tirades on TV for free.
  • As Sheen appears to be imploding, Britney Spears appears to be back. I really don't care, but she's way better on the eyes.
  • I've taken a lot of shots at the Republicans for being whussies. But there is one with cahones--Rep. Paul Ryan. He said he will be proposing over $4 trillion in cuts over the next decade. "Ready To Rumble?" It does look like some other Republicans have dusted off their cahones and are also ready to talk business regarding budget cuts. We'll see how serious they are after we see the final budget numbers.
  • As predicted last week, the President is launching his campaign this week. How much money is expected to be raised?----how about a billion dollars. Shoot, that's no big deal. He throws billions around like candy anyway.
  • If I were Hillary, I'd run. There are many dissatisfied Obama supporters who initially supported Hillary anyway. There still out there. And, if you recall, she was giving him a strong challenge in 2008. So--Run, Hillary, Run.
  • A little bit of election trivia: Since 1972, only two incumbants have lost, Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush (41). At this time in April, Carter's approval numbers--according to Gallup--were 42% and 82% for Bush 41. For George W. Bush, his numbers were 71% (yes, most people would probably be surprised he was so high at the time) and Obama's right now are 46%. By the way, Reagan's were 41%, Clinton's 44% and Nixon was at 49% (two years later, he had to resigned over the Watergate scandal).
  • Health News: A Swedish study of 9,000 men over a 20 year period found that PSA testing does not cut cancer mortality.
  • Jimmy Fallon had a great observation last week. He pointed out a new study shows that happiness peaks in our late 80's.--mainly because all of the people who annoyed you are dead by then.

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