Monday, April 4, 2011

Trump, 9/11 Trials, Air Force All Female Air Strike Force, Koran vs.Bible, Lie of the Day, Little Timmy Asking For More Money

I've made a lot of jokes about Trump running for president, but in all honesty, I'll be making a lot more.{Letterman}
  • Regarding Trump, with the exception of the "birther" nonsense, I like a lot of what he's saying. For example, he says when you go into war, you go into win it. And he also basically says, "kick their ass; take their gas." He's right.
  • I'm done predicting any NCAA championship game for the rest of what life I have left. We haven't had a score that low in a championship game since guys were taking two-handed set shots for god's sake.
  • Who says "The People" don't have power. Just ask Eric Holder, Attorney General, and a man who never met a terrorist he didn't like (he's the one who urged Pres. Clinton to free the Puerto Rican terrorists, the FALN. They were responsible for over 100 bombings, and several deaths.) He announced Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind behind 9/11, and the other creeps, will be tried at Gitmo not in New York City. One more thing, since this controversy is over, let's just take Khalid behind the closest barn we can find and give him his last rights. We've spent enough money feeding and housing this murdering thug already. He's already admitted his guilt and said he wants to be executed. Let's just carry out his wishes).
  • Could Obama's announcing his campaign this week have had anything to do with the Gitmo trial decision? (Oh, yeh, I think so. New Yorkers were not happy. And he wants to keep NY in his hip pocket).
  • One thing is certain: I don't believe Obama blaming Bush this time around will work. And he should have a hard time running on his "record," although he didn't have one the first go-around--so who knows. I also happen to think his timing in kicking off his campaign is bad. We're now involved in 3 conflicts overseas, the economy is still dragging along and unemployment is still very high. So who will be the first reporter to ask the President: Are you more interested in doing your job or keeping it?
  • Having said all of that, Obama is a very, very good campaigner. In my opinion, a better campaigner than President.
  • I happen to be one of those critics who is more than pleased with some of his decisions regarding the wars and national security. For example, in addition to keeping Gitmo operational, the President continued to allow Predator drones against al-Qaeda leadership in Pakistan. The more of those creeps we wack, the better. He's also kept Gen. Patraeus on. That's good. Now, if only he and some in his administration can at least appear to be more serious about the war on terrorism. Renaming the war on terrorism as an "overseas contingency operation" against "man-made terror" sounds foolish and weak.
  • There is good news. We had an all-female F-15 strike force fly sorties providing close air support for coalition forces in Afghanistan at the end of March. It was a two-aircraft mission with two female pilots and two female weapons system officers. Can you say, "Whoooah!!!" (Sorry Jarheads for borrowing your phrase. I know you won't mind).
  • I wonder if this upheaval in the Middle East and N. Africa has anything to do with the fact that six out of 10 people are under 30 years of age. And almost 60% of them use social networks every day.
  • Bob Ghosh, Time Mag's world editor, was on MSNBC and explained that burning the Koran was much worse than burning the Bible. Why? He said it's because the Bible was written by men; whereas, the Koran is directly the word of God. Does MSNBC actually go looking for yo-yo's like this guy? And where do they find them?
  • Could so many states be teetering toward bankruptcy because today twice as many people work for government than work in manufacturing (22 million to 11 million)? This trend is exactly the opposite of what it was as late as the 1960's.
  • Laura Ingraham published her "Lie of the Day." I have to admit, her current one is a gem: "The president is committed to reducing spending--cutting spending and reducing the deficit." (Jay Carney, WH spokesperson). She should also have one about Sen. Chuckie "Chesse" Schummer. Yesterday he said he always supported the 9/11 trial being held at Gitmo. That's a bold face lie. He's on record supporting the trial be held in NYC.
  • Speaking of spending, our Sect. of Treasury, Tim Geithner (the only head of Treasury and the IRS who didn't pay his taxes before he was chosen for that position) said he needs more money to avoid a debt default (our debt--right now--is $14 trillion and a few billion in change. I just checked the "debt clock.").
  • Oh, the Treasury is reporting today we only spent 8x the revenue we received in March. Try balancing your own check book that way folks, and see how long you last.
  • There's been a lot of talk about radiation leaks from the Japanese reactors and what harm that might cause. Don't say anything to people who keep their cell phone taped to their heads all day.
  • In case you haven't heard, a message in a bottle was found in Russia. It was written 24 years ago. Unfortunately, the note said, " Help! Stranded with enough food for exactly 23 years." (Fallon)

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