Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Newt on Newt; Scare Tactics Again; Big Business, Big Labor Winners With ObamaCare

President Obama said he plans on running for re-election against Republicans. After tax cuts for the rich, the bailouts for Wall Street, and the bombing in Libya, I already thought he was the Republican candidate {Leno}.
  • Newt was interviewed by The Onion. He expressed a similar opinion to many Americans. He said he's a little depressed by the prospect of running for president. He added, "It's 2011, for God's sake...Can't we get a fresher name to represent the Republican Party in the 21st century than Newt Gingrich?
  • Did you notice how petty and obnoxious and arrogant Eric Holder sounded yesterday in announcing that the 9/11 trials would be held at Gitmo instead of NY City?
  • Democrats just can't help it. Everytime the budget is due (and we haven't had one on 2 years.--try running your company like that), they immediately use scare tactics. Pelosi said the budget cuts proposed by the Republicans will deprive seniors of meals. This is the same nitwit who said ObamaCare would create over 400,000 jobs almost immediately--that was after she finally read it.
  • Regarding the budget proposals, USA Today had it right in my opinion. In their opinion piece today, "Democrats Bash GOP Budget Bid, But Where's Their Plan?" their headline says it all. Although they do point out House Budget Committee Chairman, Paul Ryan's plan "raises several deep concerns," they admit at least he put one out there. They also take the President to task for his lack of leadership in this budget process.
  • The Air Force is spending nearly $4 million a day flying aircraft over Libya {AP}.
  • Well, at least I now know why I'm bordering on insanity. A new study from the University of Manitoba reports that loss of income results in depression, anxiety, personality disorders and drug abuse. Hey, 3 out of 4 ain't bad.
  • You know things are not going that great for Pres. Obama when a man carrying an Obama sign was attacked in.....San Francisco.
  • Religion of Peace Update: Juliano Khamis was an Israeli actor and activist. He was murdered by Hamas at a Palestinian refugee camp. He was a pro-Palestinian activist. He was murdered by the theatre he founded there. What did Golda Meir once say?-- "There will be no peace until they love their children more than they hate us." Someone else once said, "If the Palestinians lay down their arms, there will be peace. If Israel lays down its arms; there will be no Israel."
  • Did you know that AARP, GE, Verizon, AT+T, IBM and the UAW (United Auto Workers) received nearly $2 billion in payments under the new health-car law to help offset health insurance costs for early retirees? And AARP, who supported ObamaCare legislation, is set to make more than $1 billion as a result of ObamaCare. Watch the AARP story--it has legs. So who appear to be the biggest winners in ObamaCare? Big Labor, Big Business and special-interest lobbies. What was that about Hope and Change again?
  • The President plans on visiting San Francisco for a fundraiser. If you want to see him, you'll need to fork over about $35 grand. Hey, but don't fret, if you want to have breakfast with him the next morning, it'll only cost you a measily $5-10 grand. S.F. Chronicle: "Sticker Shock For Obama's Pricey April SF Fundraiser." And Fox Headline, "Loyal Supporters Appalled At The Price Of His Fundraisers."
  • But, hey, at least they don't have the Rev. Sharpie Sharpton. The President will be in NY today for a fundraiser for this racial rackateer, thug and tax cheat.
  • And my Horoscope in The Onion today says the following: "You'll continue to spend your days covered in feathers and birdsh!t, proving that being dressed by birds every morning isn't what it's all cracked up to be." And my friends wonder why I can be moody sometimes.

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