Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Osama Photo Controversy, Good News for Republicans, but not Palin and Trump, Fatah & Hamas--an Alliance, CDC Warning on Cold Cuts

Headline on The Onion: "Osama Bin Laden: Death Of A Mother F^cker."

  • He was shot in the head in front of his wife. The back of his head was blown off. Osama? No. John F. Kennedy. Those photos were released, and most Americans handled the release of those photos well. Personally, I don't give a sh!t if the photos are released or not. So why the controversy in releasing Osama's photos?--Because we might make the Muslim world angrier? We shot the prick in the head. How much angrier can they get? These thugs get angry over stinking cartoons for god's sake. Furthermore, they attacked us multiple times even prior to 9/11. What made them angry then? My point is it does not make any difference whether the photos are released or not. This is starting to remind me of the whole insane birth certificate controversy in terms of withholding their release. 
  • I think USA Today said it best, "Obama believes it would be effectively exploited by Islamist propagandists. It might well be. On the other hand, visual evidence could be demoralizing to bin Laden's followers and helpful to U.S. credibility...In close calls, it is usually better to err on the side of disclosure."
  • Did you know Pres. Obama--when senator-- wanted the photos of Abu Ghraib photos released?
  • This entire operation was the first bit of good news Americans had in quite some time--now they appear to be back to their incompetent ways. Why does this administration always screw up "after-action" reviews. Now we see the CIA, State and Defense are not even on the same page.
  • Regarding good news, it's being reported the SEAL Team operatives retrieved five computers, 100 remote electronic storage devices, and 10 hard drives. This should give us significant information on al-Qaeda.
  • The president will be at Ground Zero today. That's good considering this will be his first visit to the site. If you recall, he didn't even bother to go to Arlington last Memorial Day. You do understand: this is a campaign stop.
  • Do you get this uncomfortable impression this administration is acting like the war on terror is over?
Back To Reality:
  • "Recession is Over News:"  Unemployment Claims took a huge jump last week to 474,000, an 8 month high.
  • Liberal talk-show host, Mike Malloy--a truly pathetic human being--said, "So when does Seal Unit 6, whatever it's called, drop in on George Bush?" In addition to his shot at W, his statement about the Seal Team, "whatever it's called," should clearly show you how much he despises the military. This twirp has a long history of being a bottom-feeding parasite.
  • One star beginning to fade: Sarah Palin.
  • Hey, where's The Donald?
  • There is some good news for Republicans. At this time, about 4 years ago, Hillary and Rudy were leading in their respective races.
  • China and India now comprise one-third of the world's population {Time}.
  • How much profit is made by Apple on one iPhone?--$321. Where are parts of the phone made? Japan, China, Germany, S. Korea and the U.S. {Time}.
  • CDC warns if you are over 50, reheat cold cuts to 165 degrees--too much danger of getting listeriosis which can kill you.
  • With all of the good news about Osama, many may have missed this bad news: Fatah and Hamas proclaimed reconciliation. That's not good news for Israel.
  • CDC warns if you are over 50, do not eat "cold" cold cuts. Reheat cold cuts to 165 degrees. There's too much risk of listeriosis which can kill you.

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