Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Israel!!!; NY-NJ Rail Line Security Blunder; NJ State Troopers Livid at The White House; Immigration Reform; When Do We Leave Afghanistan?; Lifeguards Paid Over $200 Grand

Officials say the terrorists are now going after railways. The rail line you should avoid is Amtrakistan {Leno}.
  • First the good news: Happy 63rd Birthday Israel!!!
  • Question for all Americans, especially African-Americans when it comes to domestic policies such as the economy: What has Pres. Obama done for you?
  • His body was cleaned, and it was also wrapped in a shroud. Prayers were said over his body. He then had to be burried within 24 hours of his death, according to his religion. No, not Jesus--Osama bin-Laden.
  • As Leno joked above, it's apparently true that al-Qaeda was planning on striking our rail lines. After that kind of major revelation, one would think our railroads are secure. Think again.  This story is no joke. This week three guys snuck into a PATH rail line tunnel in NYC and walked two miles from the World Trade Center to New Jersey without being noticed. A surveillance camera didn't pick them up because it was broken for some time. However, other surveillance cameras showed one of the men walking right past two Port Authority police officers. When one of the men emerged on the Jersey side, he claimed he placed a bomb in the tunnel. He was immediately arrested. No bomb was found.
  • As reported yesterday, the White House invited a rapper/poet (I use "poet" loosely. I heard  him read one of his poems yesterday. If that's poetry, then I'm Walt Whitman) to the White House today. Many are outraged since this guy writes about cop killing and supports Mumia, a convicted cop killer. The NJ State Police are also outraged because one of his "works" praised a woman who murdered a NJ State Trooper in 1973. She disappeared and reappeared in Cuba where she got asylum from I presume another hero of this rapper/poet, Fidel Castro.
  • Yesterday, Pres. Obama said immigration reform will help boost the economy (it's to boost his Latino base-- nothing more, nothing less) . Folks, I seem to recall the administration said the same thing about ObamaCare and the stimulus package.
  • A debate is now brewing over whether we should leave Afghanistan since we got bin-Laden. It will be an interesting development to watch. We're already planning for a draw-down this August. Arthur Herman of the American Enterprise Institute wrote, "To quit now wouldn't just be a mistake; it would waste the strategic opportunity the death of bin Laden has given us, the chance to finish the job and go home with honor..."
  • One of the criteria listed by the President for illegals to become legal is paying their taxes. I'd like to see how this will be done when we can't even get the Rev. Sharpie Sharpton or Rep. Charlie Rangel to pay their taxes.
  • As you know by now, there's been some public outrage recently over reports of how high salaries and pension are for public employees. Well, this story will not help. It's being reported by many California news outlets today that some lifeguard compensations in California exceed $200 grand a year. In 2010, in Newport Beach, all but one the full-time lifeguard staff had salaries exceeding $120,000 a year. Oh, they also get a $400 a year allowance for sun block lotions. One observer commented on how to cut spending in this area--post more signs that say, "Swim At Your Own Risk."
  • And after stories like this keep coming out, the President still wants us to share in the sacrifice. Memo to the President: start with public employees and their unions first.
  • When Pres. Obama defended his military action in Libya, he said it was to prevent a massacre. He also added, "I refused to let that happen." Does he know there are massacres taking place in Syria, Libya and other places as I even write these words?
  • It's being reported today that the administration will be pushing for a new Muslim outreach in the aftermath of the whacking of bin-Laden. How many times is this now in the last 3 years?

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