Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Unemployment Rates Among Post-9/11 Vets; Another Dumb-Ass Chris Mathews Observation; Is Tiger Done?; Slo Joe Biden Might Run; Flea Collars for Employees?

Onion News: "Ethicists Update List Of Acceptable Things To Masturbate To." They point out that masturbating to photos of little puppies is still a no-no (so don't get too excited about the "daily puppy" photo I have on the blog).

  • Prime Minister Netanyahu reminded us that before 1967, Israel was all of 9 miles wide.
  • The unemployment rate among post-9/11 vets is a staggering and unacceptable 22% {"Operation Employment," NY Post).
  • The tornado that hit Joplin, MO, destroyed three-quarters of the city with at least 116 dead and counting. Our "heartland" is being devastated this Spring.
  • "Another Chris Mathews Dumbass Statement:" He said Pres. Obama talking about his Irish heritage reminded him of Kennedy in 1963. Excuse me for a moment while I go to the bathroom and vomit.
  • And now some news from another dumbass: Slo Joe Biden said he might run for president in 2016.
  • Slo Joe was given the responsibility by Pres. Obama to oversee the stimulus spending program. It was reported in USA Today that "tax cheats got $24 billion in stimulus {money}."  According to the paper, over 3,700 contractors received this money despite failing to pay their federal income taxes. Way to go Joe! Hey, but why should anyone be surprised. Little Timmy Geithner, head of the IRS, failed to pay his taxes too.
  • Headline on Real Clear Politics: "2012 Field Is Littered With Dim Stars."
  • Have we ever witnessed a great athlete implode like Tiger? I can't recall any great athlete in such a slump in my life.
  • The Doomsday Pastor, Harold Camping, said this week he had a really tough weekend. Wait 'till he starts seeing the lawsuits coming in.
  • Fleas have been such a problem in parts of New Zealand--people are wearing flea collars. That's exactly what employees at the SkyCity Casino have had to do. There are so many fleas in the casino, employees are wearing flea collars. It's the same with many staff at some hospitals in Auckland. I wonder if leashes come with the collars? Just askin'
  • The global warming crowd is already blaming the slew of tornadoes on global warming. So I decided to investigate  which year was the worst on record for tornadoes to date. 1925 was the worst with almost 800 (and in 1925 we didn't have the technology we now have; nor did we have the population we now have even in rural areas. I would venture to say that there were tornadoes that were not recorded in that year, because they were simply missed. No one saw them). Right now, 2011 is ranked at about 8th.
  • When one listens to the way Pres. Obama campaigned four years ago and how he now governs, sometimes he sounds like two different people. He made all those promises (closing Gitmo, getting out of Iraq in 16 months, pledging to reduce unemployment if the stimulus package was approved, etc. etc.), and failed in following through on many of them. I'm not naive. I know all politicians do the same thing, but he's raised it to the level of an art form.

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