Monday, May 9, 2011

My Solution to Waterboarding; Christians Attacked Again; Moore, a Fat Tub of Lying Lard; Contradictory Jobs Numbers; Republicans Still Lack Cahones; Obama a Cowboy?

Onion Headline today: "The Other Guy Named Osama bin-Laden Can Finally Relax."

  • For all of those mamby-pambies out there who think waterboarding is torture, I have a solution. Get rid of the water and just bash their head in with the board.
  • "Religion of Peace Update": This past weekend in Egypt, Muslim mobs attacked Coptic Christians. They even burned down yet another church and a Christian owned apartment building where 12 people died and over 200 died.
  • Speaking of the riots and killing in Egypt, I happened to catch CNN's Elliot Spitzer last week for about 45 seconds while surfing. He had as one of his guests a Muslim women dressed in a burqa. She actually said the Middle East protests have been peaceful.  Elliot "black socks" Spitzer did not challenge her on that statement (I call Spitzer "black socks," because after he was busted for visiting prostitutes as Gov. of NY, one of them said he liked to keep his black socks on during sex).
  • Why does CNN keep having Michael Moore on as if he's an expert in everything?  He's a fat tub of lying lard. No wonder CNN's numbers are often lower than MSNBC, and MSNBC has horrible ratings. Fox numbers are almost always larger than those two networks COMBINED.
  • Andrea Peyser of the NY Post wrote, "President Obama showed courage and decisiveness, I didn't think he possessed, ignoring far-left creatures like Michael Moore who'd rather kiss Osama bin Laden than shoot him..."
  • One of the reasons given for not releasing photos is that the Muslim world will even get angrier at us. I've asked before how much angrier can they get. They never liked us. They hate our culture. They despise our society.They don't like the freedom women receive in the West. They even hate our cartoons. Folks, they hate everything we do and stand for. Release the photos, if anything, just to pi$$ them off even more if that's possible.
  • 9% of our income goes toward paying for fuel. Fuel prices might fall a bit in the coming weeks according to experts. So now we're suppose to be happy that the "new normal" for fuel will be $3.50-4 bucks a gallon.
  • It appears Republicans are folding when it comes to holding the line on the budget. The only Republican out there with any cahones, in my opinion, is Paul Ryan. He's the only one who submitted a bold budget plan, and many Republicans have not stepped up to support him.
  • Economists are talking about the contradictory report on jobs last week. Yes, we added 253,000 jobs and that's really good news. But a bad sign is that 190,000 fewer Americans were working during that same period. The number of Americans unemployed less than five weeks rose by 242,000 in April and that group now makes up 20% of the unemployed. That's the highest since October of 2006. {USA Today}.
  • I live close to Burlington, NJ., a real nice small town right next to the Delaware River. It has a great riverwalk. It's also one of the oldest towns in America. Gen. Grant and Ben Franklin lived there for a short period of time. The downtown is tree-lined and about 3 blocks long with beautiful colonial buildings. Unfortunately, I noticed at least 12 vacant storefronts. That means at least half of the businesses in town are out of business.
  • Do you recall when the Left criticized Bush for being a cowboy? Well, Chris Mathews compared Pres. Obama to movie cowboys--the strong, silent type like Gary Cooper. Memo to Mathews: Pres. Bush is a real cowboy you putz.

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