Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ship Chistened After Lt. Michael Murphy Medal of Honor Recipient; Muslims Proclaim They Will Dominate The World!; Obama is a Great...; Gutsy Call?; He is Spiking the Football & That's Good; Holder is a Failure; Osama Now a Victim?

Regarding this 72 virgins stuff, I don't know about any other guys out there, but I'd be whipped after tapping 40. In addition, if I knew that 72 virgins were waiting for me, I'd have to make sure they bury me with about a ton of Cialis.
  • To all our wonderful and beautiful moms--HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!
  • In case you missed it, there is some wonderful news. The Navy christened a ship after Lt. Michael Murphy. Lt. Murphy was a Navy Seal. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroism in 2005. Marcus Luttrel, a fellow SEAL Team member, wrote the book, "Lone Survivor," based on the heroic action of that SEAL Team; Luttrel was the lone survivor.
  • USA Will Pay! USA Will Pay! Where were those protests and chants being held?--in London. Should surprise no one since Muhammed is the most popular name for babies in England now. Many in the crowd were holding signs that said, "Muslims Will Dominate The World."
  • Obama is a great campaigner, but a lousy executive. He started officially campaigning about 2 weeks ago. What does he do in those first two weeks? He does a thump on Trump, obliterates the birthers and then the military whacks Osama. Now, he withholds the photos of Osama's killing (just like the withholding of his birth certificate), and is able to hang on to the photos until THEY WILL BE OF USE TO HIS CAMPAIGN.
  • But as an executive he fails. Just look at the poor "after-action" management and handling of the post-Osama operation. He and his team have dropped the ball on this multiple times in the last week.
  • Yes, Pres. Obama deserves his "bump" in popularity. But know this: prior to this event, people were not sitting around and wondering when we would catch bin Laden. They were sitting around wondering when they were going to get a job.
  • Many in the media are calling what Pres. Obama did as "gutsy." The SEAL Team was gutsy. Pres. Obama did not make a gutsy call; he made the right call.
  • One of the reasons given for not releasing the photos is because the administration does not want to appear like they are "spiking the football" in the end zone. But the administration is actually spiking the football with all of the events in just the last several days, ie going to Ground Zero, meeting with 9/11 families, meeting the troops, etc. Those are things a president should do. They're also things a good campaigner does.
  • Although fuel prices appear to be falling, fuel in Hawaii hit $6.00 a gallon this week.
  • As you may have heard by now, Eric Holder, the dufis AG, is still planning on investigating the CIA operatives who used enhanced interrogation on al-Qaeda thugs. Many are questioning that move now considering those techniques probably lead us to bin Laden. I wouldn't lose to much sleep over Holder. When you examine his overall record, he never gets anything done anyway, ie planning 9/11 trials in NYC, closing Gitmo, etc. etc.  He's been a loser and failure.
  • Victor David Hanson said it best in the NY Post today, "Targeted assassinations are better done under liberal presidents who are more likely to be seen as humanitarians who only reluctantly order such killings. The Bush antiterrorism protocols--tribunals, renditions, Predator assassinations, Gitmo--were decried as illegal and immoral...The effort to preemtively remove the mass-murdering Saddam Hussein to foster democracy was seen by many as morally wrong {not by me--I've always said it was the moral thing to do} and yet preemptively bombing Khadafy to foster democracy is now considered morally justified."
  • By the way, have you noticed how some of the media--especially those nitwits on MSNBC and others--have tried to turn Osama into a victim?  Buzz Bissinger, a Pultizer Prize winning reporter and author of the best-seller, "Friday Night Lights," wrote in his piece in the Philadelphia Daily News, "Only Media Could Turn Bin Laden Into A Victim,": "It {media} has virtually turned Osama bin Laden into a victim--mowed down when he was unarmed, deprived of his rights under international law, buried the wrong way at sea..." He continued, "But maybe the media are right. Maybe a team of legal scholars and defense attorneys should have been the ones to raid the compound. Maybe the Navy SEALs should have gone in with paint guns to issue a stern warning of no more mass murders."
  • And Christine Flowers of the same paper in her piece, "Sorry About Bin Laden? Too Bad!," wrote the following: "I couldn't believe it when just one day after the righteous execution of the man who could on occasion make Hitler look warm and fuzzy, some handwringers with journalism degrees decried the 'unseemly' celebration of Osama bin Laden's death..."
  • Michael Goodwin of the NY Post wrote today regarding the dismissive attitude of many toward the Bush administration and their role in the success of this operation, "It's a pity that some Americans won't honestly acknowledge how that greatness was achieved."

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