Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No Whining in Missouri; Newt Crashes; Cain Strong Out of the Blocks; GOP's Field Not That Impressive; or Is It?; Inflation is Here

As many know, Pres. Obama started his 6 nation tour. This is terrifying because it means Joe Biden is in charge.--Ferguson

  • I've noticed an interesting phenomena in Missouri and in some other states hit by these devastating storms. In general, there's been no whining from those people.
  • Newt's poll numbers have crashed. Zogby polling is reporting that Newt is down to 3%age points among likely Republican voters. That means he's virtually down to zero. There are now 8 candidates ahead of him including Cain, Christie and Daniels, who withdrew. Put a fork in Newt. It looks like he's done.
  • Even more shocking, according to this poll, Herman Cain is beating---Romney.
  • Having said that, Rich Lowry of the National Review writes the GOP candidates running now, "produces a range of emotions from disappointment to panic." He points out those sitting on the sidelines like Huckabee, Pence, Daniels and Thune would make a formidable field if they were running. Right now, I don't know if I agree. At this point in time, how many Americans even know who Pence, Daniels and Thune are?
  • Do you know which country in the Middle East is the only one that guarantees religious freedom to all faiths?-----Israel.
  • Netanyahu pointed out of Israel would go back to its 1967 borders, it would take Israelis less than 60 seconds to prepare for any rockets and missiles coming into the country.
  • A cartoon in the NY Post shows the Queen meeting Pres. Obama. The bubble over her head says, "I believe the borders of Britain and the U.S. should be based on the pre-1776 lines with mutually agreed swaps."
  • It appears the Brits and the French are getting serious about helping the rebels in Libya. There is talk they are not far behind putting troops on the ground. And the Brits appear to be ready to use their attack helicopters in support of the rebels.
  • The Center for an Urban Future found that New Yorkers would have to make $123,000 a year to have the same standard of living as someone making $50,000 in Houston. In Manhattan,, a $60 g salary is equivalent to someone making about $27 grand in Atlanta. Any wonder why polls in NYC show that over 30% of New Yorkers want to leave the City in the next 5 years?
  • Do you plan on hosting a Memorial Day cookout? If you do, it will cost you about $45 more than it did last year. Ground beef is up 14%. An ear of corn is up 150%.  You want tomatoes on that burger? That will cost you 86% more than last year. And, of course, getting to the cookout will cost you 44% more in fuel than it did last year. Who said there's no inflation?

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