Friday, May 6, 2011

President to Meet Seal Team, Republican Leadereship or Lack Thereof, How Many Versions Are There?, They Got the Story Out Too Quickly, Martyr's Sea, Seniors Will Die Sooner

Paraphrasing Jon Stewart: Osama was so close to one of their military bases, they could have caught him with a rod and reel. Osama was hiding out less than 750 yards from a Paki military base.
  • AP is reporting the president will be meeting with some of the members of Seal Team 6 as well as the "Knight Stalkers," the helo pilots who are experts at night flying. Good move. Military members appreciate it when the president acknowledges them and their work, no matter who the president is.
  • It also appears to me that the only competent people remotely related to our government happen to be those in the military.
  • Why are there so many versions of what happened in Pakistan? (Michelle Malkin counted about 20 to date). We don't want to know specifics of the operation. That's not any of our business. Most people understand "The Fog of War." But they need to get everyone in the administration on the same page. Your CIA director can't be saying something different than what the White House is putting out and vice-versa. For example, CIA director, Leon Panetta, now says there was a video blackout of the raid. Then why did we see all those photos of the president and his team allegedly watching the raid in real time? What were they watching, "The Patriot Games?" Now doubts are emerging over our version of events {The Telegraph}. AP is now also reporting there are other different versions of the firefight.
  • The administration has made many fundamental mistakes in basic communication.
  • I have this sneaky suspicion the administration wanted to get this story out BEFORE the SEAL Team was briefed.  They were happy that the op was a success, and they wanted to get some good news out for once.  That's understandable, but it appears they just didn't have all the i's dotted and t's crossed.
  • The fact is the operation was one of the best ever conducted by a special operations team. So who cares if Osama was armed or not.  So a woman was not used as a human shield as first reported, so friggin what? Nothing changed--the operation was a success. A really bad guy is dead, and the world is better for it today. Just get one version out there and stick to it.
  • Regarding the controversy over enhanced interrogation techniques, I have a question for many of those on the Left. If Osama was caught, would you have been opposed to enhanced interrogation? I ask for a simple reason: you, as well as most of the nation, were happy we put a bullet in Osama's brain. So it's okay with all of you to shoot an Ismalic thug in the head, but it's not okay to waterboard him? Just askin'.
  • I'm starting to wonder if dumping the body in the ocean was a good idea. Alan Dersherwitz, a prominent criminal attorney, said today it was probably not a good idea. Why? Because Osama's body was evidence. Perhaps they should have bought the body back and had a coroner do an autopsy on the body as is done in any case like this. Then, after all evidence was collected, dumped the body into shark infested waters. British papers are already reporting Muslims are referring to Osama's sea burial as the "Martyr's Sea."
  • By the way, I'm now convinced the order was "shoot to kill." And that's good especially since ABC News is reporting al-Qaeda was planning an attack on the 10th anniversary of 9/11
  • I often take shots at the president's leadership, but where is the Republican leadership? Conspicuous by its absence, that's what.
  • So much for civility. Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, said under the Republican plan seniors "will die sooner."  If they were smart, they should have waited for the plan to be put in effect and put Osama on it.
  • This thought barged into my brain this morning. All of those years, while learning and growing up, most Boomers had only 3 network news shows to watch.  And, throughout all of those years, most of us thought we were getting the truth.
  • "Recession is Over News"  First the good news, payrolls expanded by 244,000. Now the bad news: unemployment rose back up to 9%. Many are trying to spin this as all good news, and a 244k bump is good. But last week, almost 500,000 people filed for new unemployment claims. Just sayin'.
  • Mayor Bloomberg announced plans to layoff more than 4,000 teachers.
  • Headline in NY Post today of the Yankees loss yesterday: "Stinko De Mayo."

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