Friday, July 22, 2011

"Entourage" Final Season; Layoffs Returning Big Time; It's Still About Confidence; D.C. Political Clowns in Bumper Cars

It was so hot in Hollywood that Gary Busey became delusional and actually made sense.--Leno
  • As I write this today, a bomb went off in Oslo near government office buildings. No doubt it's the work of Right Wing Fundamental Christians.
  • I really don't give a damn about the "Entourage" final season even though I like the show when I've watched it. I just know it will be Googled a lot. But one of the best lines I've ever heard on this show was uttered by Bob Sagat.  When he says to Vince, "Vince, I know you can f-ck anyone in this town...but please, don't f-ck my daughter." I can see dads all over America identifying with that line.
  • Last week, I asked the question where is Mitt Romney? Yesterday, The New York Times asked the same question. If his strategy is to avoid answering any tough questions now, it might work. I don't know.  But if he does get elected president, he WILL face the debt question again. And I believe many Americans want to know what his opinion of it is NOW! (But then again, many Americans might not even know who he is).
  • Speaking of where is Romney? Where the heck has Hillary been? Have you noticed she's been low key for quite some time now? What's up with that?
  • Yahoo Finance is reporting today that mass layoffs are returning, and it's not a good sign. Yahoo reports that state and local governments have cut 142,000 jobs this year (Most states are way to heavy with employees anyway. And we taxpayers pay for all of that excess. I don't view those layoffs as a particularly bad sign. It's about time states trim their payrolls). Cisco, Lockheed Martin and Borders announced a combined 23,000 job cuts. And, although not included in this report, NASA is laying thousands off today. Howard Davidowitz, CEO of Davidowitiz and Associates said, "Everything in business is confidence...You lost confidence and businesses can't deal with that and who could have confidence with what's going on in Washington?" Davidowitz, a non-partisan added the the U.S. political system is "dysfunctional and deranged."
  • John Podhoretz is a conservative writer, but he often will take on both political parties as in his current piece today entitled, "Man-Made Disaster" illustrates. He wrote, "The debt-ceiling crisis is a perfect example of a manmade political disaster: Both parties have summoned a whirlwind upon themselves." (By the way, you'll rarely see a piece by a pundit on the Left or Progressive taking on their own. Their ideology won't allow it.)
  • And Michael Walsh wrote this, "...lawmakers are careening around the halls of Congress like circus clowns in bumper cars...but the main reason it's broken is that too many tired old hacks in Congress are more intent on hanging on to their positions of privilege and power than caring for the nation they supposedly serve."
  • Fuel price at the pumps in the Hamptons today: $5.09 per gallon. Most of those folks can afford it. And most voted for Obama anyway. So what goes around; comes around. For the rest of us, the average now is $3.95 and most of us can't afford it.
  • Rahm Emanuel, you remember him. He was the advisor to Pres. Obama and part of the Chicago political mob. He's now mayor of Chicago. When asked why he's sending his children to private school rather than public school, he got a tad feisty with the reporter who asked him the question and walked out of the interview. Hey, if he or anyone wants to send their kids to private schools, more power to them. But don't lecture us on why we should send our children to public schools. Oh, yes, one more thing. He's made reforming public schools a top agenda item. Friggin hypocrite. PS: And as Rahm proclaims reforming public schools, Chicago news is reporting summer school students are attending school with no air conditioning.
  • What else has Obama's trickle down economy brought us? How about these headlines: "Farm Thieves Target Grapes, Avacados and Even Bees," "Thieves Target Ambulances," and "Thieves Steal 100 Storm Drains in Sacramento." Hey, but Obama's buddies at GE (who paid no taxes last year) reported profits of $3.8 billion. "Let them eat cake!"

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