Monday, August 22, 2011

Daffy Gaddafi is Toast; Waters: "The Tea Party Can Go Straight To Hell"; That Pesky Vacation Flap; Who Is He?; Weiner's Seat; Many Americans Now Begging 4 Change

"Kamikaze Swimmers Finally Reach Pearl Harbor," headline in The Onion this week.
  • News for the President While He's On Vacation. As I write this, there appears to be some good news on the horizon. Gaddafi's days just might be numbered. There are reports now that some of his military has surrendered to the rebels. Also, they are reporting his son has been captured by the rebels. This might also be good news for the Markets this week.
  • Rep. Maxine Waters (D) and under an ethics investigation said of the Tea Party, "...The Tea Party can go straight to hell." Don't you just love the new civility?
  • If you ask most Americans and they answer honestly, I believe most would say they don't have a problem with Pres. Obama, for that matter any president, taking time off to go on vacation. We know the White House travels with the president no matter where he travels on the globe. I believe the reason Obama is taking so much flack is simply because of the way it's been handled coinciding with all of the the countless number of issues and problems on his plate from the debt debate to the S+P downgrade to the high unemployment numbers. Add to that, the disastrous bus trip on a Canadian-made bus while proclaiming we should purchase American-made products and goods. Also, the news out of Hollywood that a movie would be made of the SEAL Team 6 raid on bin-Laden and would be released a month before the election. Not bad on the surface until it was reported the White House might have shared sensitive classified information of the operation with the producers of the film who also happen to be major funders for the Obama campaign. Finally, the White House announced that---after the president's vacation---he will announce a major new jobs and economic initiative for the country. In other words, 15-20 million Americans now have to wait another 2-3 weeks for the president's plan for jobs. My recommendation to the administration would have been: the plan should have been announced BEFORE Obama went on vacation. If he did that, I don't believe he would have received the hits he's taking for going on vacation now. And it looks even worse as the Congressional Black Caucus holds job fairs across the country showing thousands lined up for jobs as the president vacations. What's that again about  bad "optics?"
  • The Politico is also reporting the president had dinner at the home of the CEO of Comcast. No big deal until you realize the president needed a caravan of about 10 vehicles and over 100 staffers including Secret Service tagging along with him. Again, "optics." Why should the president go to that CEO's house? That CEO should be going to the president's compound. Looks like a waste of resources to me.
  • Perhaps the president didn't trust any Kennedys to drive him around the Vinyard (sorry, couldn't help it).
  • One pundit presented a solution to this tax debate on the "rich." He said the administration and congress should go after the inherited wealth of supporters like the Kennedys and that fake, phony and fraud John F. Kerry. Little chance of that happening.
  • In "Losing His Cool," Maureen Callahan points out correctly that even Progressives are admitting they have no idea who Obama is or what he believes in anymore. About time they joined the club. It's only taken them 3 years.
  • I think the president's lost his Mo-Jo.
  • In fact in a political cartoon now appearing in many newspapers, it shows a homeless and unemployed man holding a sign that reads, "Hope and Change." The words "hope" and "change" are crossed out and the sign now reads, "Begging for Change."
  • How bad is universal health care in Britain? This bad: In Britain, 230 patients died of malnutrition in the country's public hospitals in 2007, according to the charity called Age UK. And how long to most Brits have to wait to see a doctor?---only 18 weeks or longer.
  • Most people probably have never heard of David Weprin. He's a Democrat trying to get into Weiner's vacant House seat. He's running against Republican Bob Turner. Weprin has been so vicious calling Turner a "Tea Party extremist" that even former Mayor Koch, a dyed and wool Progressive, said of Weprin, "Weprin should be ashamed of himself." Koch is also taking Weprin to task for Weprin phone messages to seniors telling them they will lose their Medicare and Social Security. This reminds me of the attacks by the Left on Dick Cheney and his association with Haliburton---never telling voters that Clinton and Obama approved no-bid Halliburton contracts too (NY Post).
  • Then there's actress Ganeane Garofalo---a frequent guest on MSNBC--- who complained about the lack of civility by Republicans and then called Tea Party folks, "teabagging rednecks" and their economic policies as "redneck douchebaggery." (Michelle Malkin). It's apparent the Tea Party is putting Progressives into convulsions.  It's getting to the point their criticism of the Tea Party is genuinely becoming a mental health issue for them. How will they be able to survive the next 13 months? I'd advise them to seek counseling immediately.
  • CNBC is now reporting that a majority of economists believe spending cuts are the answer to cutting the deficit not tax hikes like the administration would like. Makes sense to me.
  • In case you missed this news, GE is moving its X Ray division from Wisconsin to China. GE's CEO, Jeff Immelt, is chair of Pres. Obama's Jobs Council. Immelt was also a major contributor to his campaign. He still might be (Snopes).

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