Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Now It's That Pesky Gidaffi; Who Will Be Controlling All of Libya's Weapon Systems?; Slo Joe Biden Bungles Again; $500.000 Stimulus Grant Created 1.722 jobs; Green Jobs Scams

"I think I'm speaking for everyone when I say we're hoping for an end to the bloodshed {in Libya}, a peaceful transition to democracy and...cheaper gas."---Ferguson
  • "Confusion in Libya" a headline--- (media and the administration perhaps are a tad too early to celebrate. Also folks, what about all those weapons in the hands of the population and that's not including aircraft like jet fighters, ships, tanks, missile systems,  etc. etc. Who will be controlling those?).
  • "Hold the Champagne"---another headline (regarding Libya)
  • A representative from the Brookings Institute asked the question, "Why do we assume this is the end of war (in Libya)?" Good question (refer to above about all those loose weapons now throughout the country).
  • "Obama Sets Debt Record: Over $4 trillion in less than 945 days."---Wow!!! another headline (note: it took George W. Bush almost 7 years to reach that number, and he was vilified by the Left and the Right for that kind of spending. This President reached that number in just over 2 years).
  • "One-Half Million Dollar Stimulus Grant created a whopping 1.72 jobs."---yep, another headline.
  • "Biden's Bungle." According to many news reports, Slo Joe Biden did it again. One, according to USA Today ("Biden Bungles Debt Numbers"), while in China, he said Americans own 85% of the U.S. debt.  In fact, we own 54% of it.  And he told the Chinese he understands their one-child per family policy. Unless he didn't know it, the Chinese accomplish that with "forced" abortions.
  • What if a Republican, any Republican,  said: "The Congressional Black Caucus Can Go Straight To Hell" in response to that dingbat, Maxine Waters, who told her constituents that the Tea Party can go straight to hell?
  • Pres. Obama's approval numbers are now 38% according to Gallup.
  • In Michigan, since lawmakers banned smoking in bars, the Protect Private Property Rights organization plans to bar state lawmakers from all bars starting Sept. 1.
  • Texas plans on making some constitutional changes. Voters will be asked to vote on one change that would exempt the surviving spouses of disabled vets from paying property taxes after the veteran dies. Another reason why I love Texas.
  • Pres. Obama announced he wants to roll-back some government regulations---to save a whopping $10 billion (USA Today). Just a tiny problem with that plan. Since he took office he's increased employment 13% in federal regulatory agencies. The Small Business Association estimates compliance with government regs costs small business just under $2 trillion a year (Bloomberg News).
  • How well are those "Green Initiatives" working? Costco plans on yanking many of its electric car charges from its stores because nobody uses them. In Seattle, a plan called Retrofit Ramp-Up used up over $20 million in federal grants to makes houses more energy efficient.  So far, only three homes have been retrofitted and only 14 jobs were created (NY Post).

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