Friday, August 19, 2011

That "Peaceful" Arab Spring; They Want Letterman's Head; Al-Qaeda's American Citizens; The Facts Don't Lie; Zakaria, Another Media Dumbass

A brawl broke out during Biden's speech in China. Apparently, someone was blocking the exits--Conan.
  • News for President Obama While He's on Vacation: The Market fell over 400 points yesterday. Home sales dropped 3.5% in July. World stocks are going into the toilet. Drug shortages are leading to price gouging throughout the entire country.  Yesterday, Gallup reported satisfaction with life in the U.S. dropped to 11%. Bank of America announced it will eliminate 10,000 jobs. Israel was attacked again (see below). Much of the Middle East is still in turmoil.  No one knows where Mitt Romney is. Slo Joe is still in China (at least the last time I checked. Good move. I hear Latvia wants to talk to him too--just throwing some ideas out Mr. President). Newt still wants your job even though no one pays attention to him anymore.
  • Israel was hit with terrorist attacks yesterday. Early reports are 6 people are dead. In addition, some of the terrorists crossed the Egyptian-Israeli border near a resort town. These terrorists, at three different areas in Israel, fired on a passing vehicle and killed 4 innocent people. And they were not done. Mortar attacks and anti-tank missiles were also fired from Egypt into Israel, killing 4 more Israelis. So much for the "peaceful" Arab Spring.
  • And more from the "Religion of Peace." If you've not heard yet, David Letterman has been threatened with death. In other words, an al-Qaeda linked organization put a "Jihad" on Letterman's head because he joked about an al-Qaeda thug who was taken out by a drone. "We pray to Allah to paralyze his tongue and that the righteous believers will break his neck," wrote one of those sick bastard on a jihadi forum.
  • Earlier this week, it was reported the Congressional Black Caucus is angry at Pres. Obama. They've not been too pleased with the president neglecting African-Americans in their opinion. And then it hit me like that V-8 commercial---and what a pundit said later on in the day---Obama could care less what they think because he knows most Blacks will still vote for him.
  • It's bad enough that many al-Qaeda scumbags are American citizens, but I wonder how many people know that much of the current leadership world-wide of al-Qaeda are American citizens. Check it out.
  • Do you know---even with two autobiographies by Pres. Obama---we still don't know much about him? We never hear from any of his friends from childhood. We never hear from any of his teachers. We rarely hear anything from his family. We really don't know much about this man. Very strange.
  • But he does know how to campaign. To date, he's attended over 127 fundraisers. During the same period of their presidencies, Clinton attended 76 and Bush 88. As a campaign observer remarked, "We've entered into an era of permanent campaigning." Which also means---presidents won't be running the country anymore. The will be too concerned about holding on to the Office(USA Today).
  • Always remember this when debating: When the President and the Dems complain about the recession they inherited, they were in power for 2006 on---and within 2 years, the economy went into the toilet. Pres. Obama, as senator, voted for all of that spending bill he complains about now. President Obama also had a super majority in congress in his first two years as president. He could have signed any bills he wanted Congress to pass. Republicans had no power to block anything. Bottom line: the economy went into the toilet AFTER the Dems got control of Congress---meaning---they had 4 years to get the economy on track. One more thing. They will also throw Clinton's relatively good economy back into a Conservative's face, failing to admit Republicans were in charge of the Congressional purse strings during Clinton's second term. In fact, Dems had been in charge of Congress for about 60 years until that year.
  • I recall, and I used to write about it a lot, how the media was making every effort to proclaim the economy was in a recession at the end of W's second term. I contend they wanted one to make Bush look bad on the economy considering his administration had an outstanding economic run (look it up if you don't believe me). But now, I'm hearing and reading nonsense like this: "We're 'dangerously close" to another recession. We "might" have a double-dip recession. They just can't help themselves. Nonsense and nonsense. We've never escaped the first one and most Americans know it. The latest Gallup Poll reports just 11% of Americans are satisfied with the country's economic condition. That's just 4 points above the all time low in October of 2008.
  • In case you missed Fareed Zakaria's piece in Time (he's also CNN's resident suck-up to the administration), then you missed his dumbass statement. He actually called Pres. Obama a "centrist and pragmatist."

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