Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Snooki's Theory On Why The Ocean Is Salty; Helmets to Hardhats; They Had Many Opportunites To Do Something; Intended Consequences; We Need A Triple A Rated President; Finally, A Politician With Guts

"I don't like the beach...I hate sharks, and the water's all whale sperm. That's why the ocean is salty,"--From the resident genius of "Jersey Shore," Snooki.
  • Richard Farrel Mohamed is a veteran. He served in Iraq. And his story is a great American story. He grew up on Long Island. He's from Egyptian, Russian and Irish descent. His father died from AIDS, from sharing drug needles. His mother died four years later. He ended up with his extended family. Richard was later diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes. He beat cancer. On 9/11, he watched the as the Twin Towers collapsed. After he graduated, he joined the National Guard as a medic and was sent to Iraq in 2004. After he left the military, like many vets, he was diagnosed with PTSD. He also got himself in a little bit of trouble over those few years. But with the help of Helmets to Hardhats, an organization that helps veterans, he got his life together. He joined the Ironworkers Union. He's now one of the ironworkers rebuilding the World Trade Center. Another example of the wonderful circle of life (USA Today).
  • As the Obama administration and its enablers in the media continue to blame the former administration for all the ills it's facing, do you think they will "blame" the Bush administration for inheriting a triple A rating credit rating, the highest credit rating provided by Standard and Poor?   In other words, do you think this administration will ever admit its responsibility for its own crisis-causing policies?
  • When you listen to the White House and the Dems whine about the current economic situation and blame everyone, including their own mothers, know this: from 2006-2010, they had complete control of Congress. They could have passed legislation to help mitigate these economic problems. What did they do instead? They spent almost 2 years working on getting ObamaKare passed. As unemployment grew to over 10%, they worked on ObamaKare. As the nation's debt grew by the trillions of dollars, they worked on ObamaKare. As the nation's deficit continued to grow because they just couldn't stop their insane spending with a worthless stimulus that only helped their Wall Street and union buddies, they worked on ObamaKare. And when they finally finished ObamaKare---they didn't even read the damn thing. And now folks---we're dealing with the INTENDED CONSEQUENCES.
  • How bad is the president performing? Consider this, as he spoke to the nation yesterday--his attempt at a half-time coach's speech to a team that's losing the game---the market fell from 412 points to over 500 points, ending the day over 600. Why? He said the same 'ol, same 'ol.  He failed in his response to this crisis. Even George W. Bush, a president many disliked, was able to rise to the moment when he said, while standing on a pile of WTC rubble, "I can hear you, the rest of the world hears you---and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon." That's leadership in a time of crisis. This president, at a time of crisis, repeated the same things he's said over and over again for the past year. No one is listening to him anymore. In other words, this president failed to rise to the moment. Right now, we need a Triple A rated president.
  • And it's so bad, with the exception of little Timothy Geithner, all of his economic advisors have booked back to their university chairs. They don't want to be attached to this failing administration any longer. Folks, and it's bad when Timmy's still hanging around.
  • Have you noticed something about the reporting of the rioting in London? They're not telling us who the rioters are.
  • Last week, I questioned why so many black, flash-mob thugs, like those in Philadelphia and Wisconsin, were targeting white people. From Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia this week to black youth in the city: "You have damaged your own race." About time a politician with some guts who tosses PC aside and confronts the truth. Will any other politicians follow?
  • But even in the whirlwind of bad news on an hourly basis, there is some good news. Almost 63 million Americans volunteer to help their fellow Americans. In some states, like Utah, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and S. Dakota, the volunteer rates range from 37% to almost 45% (in Utah. So much for bashing Mormons).

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