Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wisconsin Unions Lose Again!; Witness to the Global Failure of Progressive + Socialist Policies; Changing Face of America; Facebook: Anti-Social Network?

"Man, America's credit rating took a big hit this weekend. On Friday night, it lost its AAA rating. Or, as Joe Biden, put it, "What happens if I get a flat tire."--Fallon

  • Let me be clear. I'm a former union member myself. I support most unions--but not union thugs. That's why I've taken great pleasure in learning this morning that the Wisconsin union thugs--those who acted almost like the thugs in London this week, those who were bussed in to whack on opponents, and those who defiled the WI capital and surrounding areas---lost big last night in their attempt to recall the politicians who held their ground against these thugs (if you recall, it was the Democrats who fled the state for several weeks.  I guarantee you: they will pay a price for their cowardice in up-coming elections). Democracy worked yesterday, because the electorate's desires and wishes were upheld not those of union thugs.
  • Make no mistake: what we are witnessing in the United Kingdom and other countries (Greece, Spain, Italy...) is the utter failure of over 50 years of socialist and progressive policies. Just sayin'--the truth.
  • Regarding the riots in these countries this past year, I often wonder what schools many of our own pundits attended. The question being asked this week by some of them is this one: Can it happen here? Hey, knuckleheads, you ever hear of the riots in Watts, or in Detroit or the name, Rodney King? What a bunch of putzes.
  • Why did it take Pres. Obama until Monday afternoon to make any statements about the Market crash and the death of over 30 of our troops? When the Seals whacked Osama, the president could not find a mic soon enough.  Many people, including liberals, are now asking themselves that very same question including the pundits on MSNBC, especially those on "Morning Joe." Even liberals are questioning our president's leadership--or lack thereof. Many have been asking that question for almost 3 years.
  • And for all those folks, especially young, first time voters, who can't even find decent employment, but chose to vote for "Hope and Change,"--are now asking themselves: What the F-ck did we do? We couldn't even tell you what hope and change meant, but it sounded "nice." Let me tell those who voted for Pres. Obama and voted for all those other progressives in 2006 and 2008, and now are in deep regret---you cannot say we didn't warn you.
  • USA Today has a great article today on the changing face of America. In their piece, "1990-2010: How America Changed," they report, based on data from the recent US Census, how America is bigger, older, more Hispanic and Asian and less wedded to many traditional values and institutions such as marriage. How large was the Hispanic growth? "An entire Venezuela's worth of Hispanics was added in just those two decades," according to the University of Nevada. For example, in California and Texas, Hispanics make up almost 38% of the population. In Florida, it's almost 23% and in NY almost 18%.
  • "Fast and Furious?" no, not the movie. Many of you know what that's all about. I'm withholding writing anything about it until I see more sorted out. But, right now, it does not look good for the ATF and our own Justice Department headed by non-other than that yo-yo, Eric Holder.
  • How much cash do many U.S. firms have on hand (with much of it overseas)?--how does over $2 trillion sound? Some of these include Citigroup sitting on almost $600 billion; JP Morgan Chase sitting on almost $500 billion; Wells Fargo on $112 billion; GE (Obama's close buddies) on $82 billion and 15 more including Exxon, Apple, Johnson and Johnson, Coca-Cola, Intel, Google...So why are they sitting on so much cash and not releasing it?---ask Pres. Obama's administration (Source: S+P).
  • With all of this reporting on how much of our debt China holds, 'xactly how much is it? ----$1.2 trillion followed by Japan at $913 billion. Even Brazil holds $211 billion.
  • Is Facebook anti-social? A study by Cal State found that teens who used Facebook were likely to be narcissistic. And the more people used the site, the more likely they were to use alcohol and develop anti-social personality disorders and anxiety.

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