Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ashton v. Demi; Garofalo's Dumbass Statement; New Faces of Poverty;The Class Warfare Card; Fox More Tolerant?

President Obama claims his new jobs bill will be better than his old jobs bill, which created one job to a guy named Bill---Leno.

  • Well, NY Post is reporting a name of the woman Ashton Kutcher was seeing behind Demi's back. Her name is Sara Leal, and she's ready to tell the entire story. I wonder why$$$$$$$. Demi, maybe Bruce will consider taking you back or are you now---too old?
  • Who would have thought---at the beginning of the baseball season---that the Orioles would keep the Red Sox out of the playoffs? And you know who the marketers and networks are having wet-dreams about?---A Yankees vs. Phillies World Series. I'm a Yankee fan, but they better not underestimate the Tigers.
  • The Daily Caller is reporting today that there are at least 4 other solar energy companies that either employ or have board members who donated large sums of money to Democratic campaigns. In general, that might not mean much in this day and age of crooks and cronies on both sides of the political isle. The Daily Caller reports these companies were given in excess of $500 million in loan guarantees.
  • There are few dumbasses in Hollywood bigger than Janeane Garofalo. And she proved it yet again when she implied racist Republicans support Herman Cain (Real Clear Politics). Have you noticed a fascinating phenomena? I contend those who keep bringing up racism are racist themselves. If not racist, certainly the most intolerant people on the planet.
  • USA Today has an outstanding and disturbing story about "The New Faces of Poverty." In short, middle class people, who had really good jobs just 2-3 years ago, are now poor. The paper's sub-headline says it all: "A Record 46 Million---and 18% of Families---Are Now Considered Poor, As Job Losses Hit the Suburbs and the Middle Class."
  • And the nation's highest unemployment rate goes to----(envelope is being opened)---El Centro, CA at 32.4%. 
  • And in the same paper, right next to the above piece, there's a report about the explosion of federal benefits and pensions. In fact, those pensions are in worse shape than Social Security. Federal pensions now face a multi trillion dollar shortfall, according to USA Today. In fact, the government committed more money to the over 10 million former government employees than it paid to 54 million on Social Security last year. By the way, this is not the government employees' fault. They bargained contracts in good faith. It's the politicians who thought---stupidly---they could pay these huge amounts of money out for life while keeping them underfunded.
  • Where does this money go?  The "cost track" includes civilian retiree pensions, their health care, disability payments, military pensions, military retiree health care, veteran disability and veteran health care.
  • Regarding the "Class Warfare Card," (have you noticed? There's a lot of cards in their deck), "When Pres. Obama rails about 'millionaires,' we expect that in a few hours our Class Warrior in Chief will golf with Wall Street fat cats to hit them up for  campaign money."---V.D. Hanson.
  • It's common knowledge the Left despise Fox News as the Right despises MSNBC and CNN. But guess whose more tolerant of gays on network TV? Fox now has the most gay characters on TV, according to GLAAD.
  • Speaking of the Left, they are going to have a tough problem painting Herman Cain as not black enough (typical refrain from that side of the political isle toward any conservative black politician). He was raised poor. He and his family faced segregation. And he pulled himself up by his boot straps to become a very successful businessman---on his own.

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