Friday, September 30, 2011

The Onion in Trouble With The Feds; Actually Some Good News Today; A Legal Immigrant Speaks Out; Christie, No Fear; Newt's New Contract With America

"Red Sox Sell Out Commemorative "Collapse 2011" Hats, Tee Shirts."---The Onion, Sports.

  • Actually, The Onion got in a little hot water with the Feds this week.  The Capitol Police were not too thrilled when The Onion tweeted, "BREAKING: Witnesses reporting screams and gunfire heard inside the Capitol Building." Then the satirical paper followed up that tweet with, "BREAKING: Capitol being evacuated. 12 children held hostage by group of armed congressmen." Capitol police are investigation. The Onion responded, "This is satire. That's how it works."
  • There's actually some good news today. One, we whacked Anwar al-Aulaqi, a U.S. born terrorist scumbag who ran some of the other U.S. born terrorist scumbags in the U.S. including the Ft. Hood shooter, the Christmas Day bomber and the Times Square bomber. Two, looks like that scum bucket, Chavez, Venezuelan dictator, might be very ill. In fact, there are reports that he may be dying. Could not happen fast enough to free  the people of Venezuela and surrounding countries from this lunatic.  And three, the economy grew---pathetically--- but it grew by 1.3%. In addition, the first-time unemployment numbers finally came in under 400,000.
  • By the way, NPR kept referring to al-Aulaqi as a "cleric" in their news this morning.
  • More good news: Saudi women will be allowed to vote. The bad news: they'll have to show a valid driver's license (4 those who went to public school: Saudi women are not allowed to drive)---National Review.
  • For those Conservatives and Republicans who want Gov. Christie to enter the race, do you know he does not support conceal-carry laws. He also believes in global warming and is soft on other conservative issues? Those don't affect my support of him. He's been a damn good governor for New Jersey. He's also been a refreshing change from the usual politicians we now have. He has absolutely no fear. He takes on big challenges---like unions in a blue state---and usually wins, even with a democrat controlled legislature.
  • Just released: Rasmussen Poll---Obama 44% vs. Christie at 43%.
  • Washington Post is reporting the Obama administration continued to give government money to Solyndra even after the company defaulted on the 1/2 billion dollar loan it received from the government. 
  • Question to Buffett: if you're bothered by your secretary paying less taxes than you do---then pay her taxes for her.
  • From Brad Morris, a legal immigrant, "It took me years, involving criminal background checks, proof of employment and thousands of dollars in filing and legal fees, to become a citizen. It is therefore particularly egregious that our elected officials, including our president, are actively ignoring federal law and ushering thousands of these people in while the same law disallows me from sponsoring my brothers, sisters, or daughter, who is over 21."
  • I've written this before: keep an eye on the Fast And Furious scandal. It's under the the surface, but it's percolating. For those who know what I am referring to, NewsCore reported more of the guns were found in El Paso, the first time those missing weapons were found on our side of the border.
  • Newt put out a new contract with America entitled, "The 21st Century Contract with America." I like Newt in one way. He's smart, really smart. But he's a sleazebag. So is it any wonder why many heard a collective yawn when he tried reviving the contract?

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