Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Demi Moore One Angry Cougar; Bad News 4 Perry; Good News 4 Cain; Christie is Right; Toxic Comments Can Hurt; $200K per job; Is Wall Street Abandoning Obama? Gallup #'s Are Bad 4 Obama

President Obama said he will be reforming No Child Left Behind. That's not to be confused with Michelle Obama's childhood obesity campaign, "No child left with a big behind."---Leno

  • For those who follow the Hollywood nitwits, reports came out that Demi kicked Ashton Kutcher out of the house. According to reports, he's been caught cheating. One of the other women is reported to be 23 years of age. Does that put an end to the "Cougar" myth?
  • Americans love straight talk, and Christie gives it to many of them. Yesterday, he said he hoped Pres. Obama would stop being a "bystander." He also said "...the image of the United States is not what it was, it is not what it can be and it is not what it needs to be." No wonder so many want him to run.
  • Memo to Republicans and Conservatives: It's highly unlikely you'll find another Reagan this time around. So stop looking for perfection in your candidates. Even Reagan was moderate on many issues (we tend to have short memories).
  • The current Zogby Poll shows that Rick Perry is fading, and fading fast. In fact, Herman Cain is on top of the Republican field in this latest poll. He leads by 28%. Followed by Perry at 18% and Romney at 17%. This poll was a large sample of "all likely voters and likely Republican primary voters."
  • It appears "toxic" comments do hurt. Bachmann did well in Iowa until Perry jumped into the race. He came into the race like a steamroller. Then she made those idiotic comments about the HPV vaccine causing mental retardation. Perry benefited from her stupidity. But then Perry followed up with what some perceived to be toxic comments about immigration and social security. Now, it appears many voters shifted to Cain. Bottom line: no one knows what's going to happen. However, it "appears" all of this does benefit Mitt.
  • According to Harvard economist, Martin Feldstein, the president's job plan would cost $200,000 per job (ABC News).
  • The Conference Board reported today that consumers earned less and spent less in 2010. And the Board also reported, consumers paid MORE for their health care.  And the Financial Times is reporting today that health care costs for families jumped 9% this year (it now does appear Congress was telling us the truth all along--they never did read the legislation).
  • NY Post's Page 6 is reporting a former big Obama supporter, a money donor fat cat, shifted to the Republicans. Jamie Dimon, of JP Morgan, was rumored to have met with Romney.  One Wall Street insider said, "There is not a person on Wall Street, with the exception of generic democrats, who would get anywhere near supporting Obama. The hostility to the administration is huge..." I was wondering how long Wall Street would continue taking the abuse by this administration. Looks like the threshold has been hit.
  • Current Gallup Poll reports this: How good a job is Pres. Obama and the current Congress doing in dealing with the United States' most important problems? 40% said poor, 27% said very poor. And only 26% responded "good." (those people are the ones who get day passes from the mental health facilities).  Then Gallup compared this crew to previous administrations. 52% said these nitwits are doing a worse job, 33% said about the same, and 13% (part of the day pass crowd) said they are doing a better job.
  • We've heard a lot about same-sex marriages lately. Guess how many there are in the entire United States---a whopping 132,000. Folks---there's over 300,000 million people in America (US Census). Do you think the issue has been overblown? No pun intended. 

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