Friday, October 28, 2011

Herman's "Smoking Man" Ad; Occupy Wall Street Disintegrating? NYPD Fed Up With Them; Obama Losing Big 2008 Donors; Those College Tuition Scams; Trumpka's Dumbass Statement

"GOP Race Finally Heats Up As Candidate In Coma More Appealing Than Rest Of Field."---The Onion

  • Several posts ago, I reported Herman Cain's political ad, "Smoking Man," was pissing off a lot of people but it will be a hit. It's a hit.
  • Who would have ever believed a Democrat president who ordered the assassination of three U.S. citizens who were terrorists and still has not closed Gitmo, wouldn't have the Left going berserk? Can you imagine the field day the media and the Left would be having if Bush did this? (By the way, Obama did the right thing in my opinion. It's one of the few areas of his presidency he gets my support).
  • It sure looks like the Occupy Wall Street movement, the Pee Party, is disintegrating. The NYPD warned the protesters if any police are injured because of their actions, the NYPD will sue them. The president of the NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association wrote in a letter to the Occupy Crowd the following (excerpts). After he says he understands and respects their right to protest, he warns them with the following: "What has gone mostly unreported in is the number of uniformed NYPD members who have been injured while trying to maintain order in these demonstrations...What has started out as a protest against corporate greed has turned into police bashing of the highest order...For that reason, I ordered our attorneys to prepare to personally sue any protester responsible for injuring an NYPD sergeant..." Ed Mullins, President of the NYC Sergeants Benevolent Association.
  • And to give you some idea how many of these snotty, mostly white rich kids handled a little rain yesterday, they folded up their tents and crashed in a local art gallery in NYC. Oh, they also decided on the art gallery because it has free WiFi.---NY Post.
  • Regarding the public relations tour the Madoffs are now doing, Linda Stasi of the NY Post said it best, "The Madoff family, the most repulsively greedy herd in recent American history, has suddenly, with the breathless cooperation of high priced TV anchors, become the darlings of TV." Ruth Maddoff appeared on "60 Minutes." And Barbara WaWa (no relation to the WaWa convenience stores) will interview Bernie Madoff.
  • AP is reporting Pres. Obama is not getting huge donations from the democrats who supported him in 2008. According to their report, "tens of thousands" haven't offered similar amounts.
  • I've been hammering colleges and universities for scamming students for years. For example, did you know that between 1982 and 2007, tuition rose by 432%? Family income during this period rose 147%. The average graduate of a four-year college now leaves the school with $27 grand in debt. John Podhoretz asked, "Why is the higher-education system exempt from criticism for gouging Americans in this fashion? Could it be that most of those who know the truth are part of the higher-education system itself and benefit from it?" Hey, Pee Party, you listening? (Source:
  • Richard Trumpka, AFL-CIO president, said the arrests of Pee Party members in NYC does a dishonor to America. I guess, according to Trumpka, taking a dump on a police car qualifies as honorable behavior. Oh, Pee Party folks, did you know Trumpka's salary and benefits are just shy of $300,000 a year as president of the union? He's part of the 1%. Just sayin'.

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