Thursday, October 27, 2011

There is Some Good/Bad Economic News; Herman Cain's Ad Worked; Occupiers Leaving Environment in Shambles; Occupy NY is Getting Angry at Homeless Eating Their Food; ACORN Alumni Funding Pee Party; Backlash Has Begun; Glass Ceiling Shattered?

A company is coming out with a new perfume that smells like beer. Yeah, it's called 'Lohan.'"---Fallon

  • There is a smidgen of good economic news today. The U.S. economy grew by 2.5%.
  • The bad news? First time unemployment claims still over 400,000 for last week.
  • Have you all noticed the conniption the media is having because Herman Cain has someone smoking in his political ad? Dummies, they don't even know the uproar is great for Herman. Now his ad is being seen by thousands, perhaps, millions more people. By the way, the hypocrisy is so conspicuous. For example, where is the Left's outrage over actors smoking in movies? Where? Well, Herman is a conservative. End of discussion.
  • Several posts ago, I predicted the Occupiers---Pee Party---are ruining the environment. When you get a chance, check out the mess they've been leaving where they've camped out if you can find it. There are photos but you really need to search. I found a nice set. If you are interested in seeing what is actually occurring and the damage these knuckleheads are doing to the environment just keyword "UK Daily Mail Occupy Wall Street Shocking Photos..." It should come up. I don't want to stink up this blog with that garbage hence no link.
  • The NY Post has a great piece today {"Hell's Kitchen: Cooks Revolt vs. Food Freeloaders"}. In short, the almost all white occupy crowd--The Pee Party---is angry that many homeless are showing up and eating the Pee Party's food. Now note: these are many of the same people who lecture us on taking care of the homeless. It's so bad the protesters changed their menu from free-range chicken and roasted beet salad to just plain brown rice and peanut butter.
  • NYPD arrested about some of the Pee Party crowd for demonstrating and blocking traffic yesterday. They were simply demonstrating over the violence that occurred at the Occupy Oakland protests. How nice of them to show such support to their brothers and sisters in Oakland.
  • In case your paper did not report it (and many have not), ACORN is back. In NYC, they changed their name to New York Communities for Change. They are giving financial and consulting support to the Occupy mobs. In fact, the NY Post has learned they are paying homeless people $10/hour to sit in Zuccotti Park (Hey, but don't touch that caviar. That's only for the Pee Party).
  • Speaking of money, last week it was reported that these groups have more than a half-mil in donations. Does anyone know where that money is going? After all, most of the Pee Party crowd says they hate money and banks. Just askin'.
  • Even the NY Federation of Teachers has been donating thousands of dollars to these freeloaders.
  • USA Today reported the backlash has begun. In their piece today {"Wall St. Protesters Find Cities' Patience Thinning"}, they point out a backlash has already started. From Baltimore to Denver to Providence to Minneapolis to Atlanta to Boston, the authorities and citizens are fed up with the Pee Party behavior. The police are taking the tents down, moving these knuckleheads out of the parks and arresting more of them. In Atlanta, the mayor said, "The protesters moved from an initially peaceful demonstration to increasingly aggressive actions." Hey Mr. Mayor and those other mayors who allowed this nonsense to go on for weeks: you ever hear the phrase: you give an inch, they'll take a yard? Well, they wanted to take more than a yard in many places---like entire parks and plazas.
  • Memo to Pee Party: The Treasury Department data shows that 93% of entrepreneurs came from the middle-class or lower-class backgrounds. In other words, they chose not to live out of tents in the middle of parks in some city---they went out and created wealth and provided jobs for millions of Americans.
  • Is the glass ceiling shattered?  Fortune 500 is reporting more women are now CEO's of some of the largest companies in America including Xerox, HP, IBM, DuPont, Kraft Foods, Pepsi and Archer Daniels.
  • You've heard about the new executive order by Pres. Obama to help students and grads with their student loans? The Atlantic is reporting today it will save the average grad a whopping $10.00 a month.
  • Letter in USA Today from Walt Berwick: "I keep hearing: When are those crooked bankers going to go to jail? I would like to ask: When are those who lied about their incomes to get mortgages that they could not pay back going to jail." Walt makes a good point.

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