Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Those Anti-Wall Street Protesers: Who Are They?---Useful Idiots

  • Regarding those anti-Wall Street protesters, why don't they also protest Congress and the White House? Most of the problems we're experiencing today is their fault. In addition, do these folks even know the White House is full of former Wall Street alumni? Do they know Wall Street lobbyists have many in Congress in their pocket?
  • The major unions joined these protesters this week. One of the unions leading this pack of misinformed knuckleheads is SEIU. I wonder how many of these people know the former president of the SEIU was the most frequent visitor to the White House in the first two years of Pres. Obama's tenure. In addition to the unions, a broad coalition of Communists and Socialists groups joined the protests.  There's also quite a few anti-Semites in the crowd with a spattering of 9/11 Truthers (the media, by the way, is not covering the plethora of hateful comments and proclamations made by many in these crowds. You can check them out online and YouTube. Yet, they couldn't wait to report on alleged same remarks at Tea Party rallies that were never proven). Also, know this, many of these groups believe in violent revolution.
  • Remember Van Jones, the president's Green Energy Czar who is an avowed Communist? He happens to be one of the leaders of this movement.
  • Have you noticed something else that's conspicuous? Even though these useful idiots proclaim they represent most of the country---how come most of them are white? They don't even know who is controlling their puppet strings.
  • Then there are the celebrities. Susan Sarandan miraculously appeared at one of the gatherings last week. She arrived in a limo.  Her employers are major Hollywood firms whose executives make billions. Alec Baldwin showed support even though he makes millions from commercials for a bank. And then there's that fake, phony and fraud, Michael Moore, whose made a nice and comfortable living off his movies---and shareholders.
  • What do I see when I see these knuckleheads?----desperation. And, also know this, like the administration---these people are putting targets on the backs of many successful Americans who happen to employ millions of Americans.
  • What would America look like if these nitwits had their way? It would look like Cuba, N. Korea and other backward Communist countries that control all banks and don't allow large corporations to operate (those they do allow; they nationalize---just like in Venezuela today, a country knee-deep in sh!t).
  • One more question for these people: How's that hope and change working for you? You want to improve America? Then change the jerks we now have in Washington not Wall Street. 

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