Wednesday, October 19, 2011

President to Renew His Support of Wall Street Oppressed White Rich Kids; A Menu Fit for a King; Community Now A Tad Pissed Off; Romney Sticks Foot in Mouth; Sarandon: A Dumbass

"Man in Coma Enters GOP Race, Already Polling Ahead of Romney."---The Onion

  • ABC is reporting that Pres. Obama will be renewing his commitment to the Wall Street Oppressed White Rich Kids today. As reported yesterday, a major pollster and democrat (who polled for Pres. Clinton) warned Pres. Obama not to support them because it will not help his chances to get re-elected. So I  hope he continues to support them.
  • Political cartoon today shows a Wall Street Protester holding a sign that says, "Redistribution of Wealth." Another protester is running down the street with this guy's Apple computer after stealing it. The cop questioning the protester whose laptop was just stolen asks him, "Stolen or Redistributed?"
  • Check this menu out: Free-range organic chicken and root vegetables seasoned with farm-sourced, fresh flatleaf parley, rosemary and thyme; brown rice with black beans and fresh herbs; pasta bolognese with grass-fed beef; wild heirloom  potato salad made from fingerling, Peruvian purple and baby red potatoes with mustard base or vinaigrette dressing. And for dessert? Fresh mixed nuts with banana chips. A menu fit for a king or fat, big rich guy? No---that's what the Occupy NY Oppressed White Rich Kids are eating (NY Post).
  • Did you know there are still only about 500 of these spoiled brats camping out in NYC? From the way the media covers it, you'd think it's like Fleet Week in NYC.
  • The neighbors near Zuccotti Park are fed up with the protesters. The neighborhood board is planning to meet tomorrow to develop a new strategy on how to deal with the noise, smell, and public urination. I guarantee you many of these same people welcomed the protesters to the neighborhood several weeks ago.
  • And what the heck got into Romney's thick skull yesterday when he used Wall Street Protester language when he said, "I don't worry about the top 1%...They're doing just find by themselves. I worry about the 99% in America...So I look on Wall Street, and my own view, boy I understand how those people feel..." Yes, it's true most Americans worry about the economy but to say the knuckleheads in the Wall Street protests represent most of America is absurd.
  • How large is student loan debt? According to USA Today, it's surpassed $1 trillion. 
  • I still have mixed feelings about Israel releasing so many really, really bad terrorists to get the release of Gilad Schalit, an Israeli soldier held by Hamas thugs for five years. But, as one Israeli said, "In a country where military service is mandatory, the government has a special responsibility to safeguard its soldiers." I agree with that statement.
  • I love this headline in the Daily Caller that looks like a headline straight out of The Onion: "Emails Directly Link White House To Secret Transparency Meeting."
  • Susan Sarandon called the Pope a Nazi---another Hollywood dumbass (I think she's been going downhill fast ever since she spit with her long-time boy-toy Tim Robbins). 
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