Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Real Reason Bloomberg Did Not Kick Occupy NY From Zuccotti Park; The Wall Street Protesters Get Another Outstanding Endoresement; White House Warned About Embracing Protesters; Are The Oppressed Now White College Students? Most Career Home Runs in World Series History

Warren Buffet's company reportedly owes the IRS a billion dollars in back taxes. When he said he wasn't paying enough taxes, he wasn't kidding---Leno.
  • Several days ago, I wrote that Mayor Bloomberg did not kick out the Occupiers from Zuccotti Park because he was a pussy. How wrong could I be? Do you want to know the real reason---especially you folks you voted for Hope and Change? Zuccotti Park is owned by Brookfield Asset Management. Brookfield received a $168.9 million guaranteed loan from the feds just a week after the Occupy NY crowd took over Zuccotti Park (Business Insider and The Vancouver Observer).
  • Oh, how can I forget. Mayor Bloomberg's long time girlfriend sits on the board of guess who? Brookfield Asset Management. Now you know the rest of the story (Breitbart).
  • Last week, it was reported the Nazi Party, the Communist Party and the president of Iran threw their support behind the Wall Street protesters. This week they received another outstanding endorsement from................Mumia, the cop killer.
  • Also, last week, I wrote it would be dangerous for these Dems and the White House to embrace these protesters, many of whom are outright thugs. Today, in the Politico, Douglas Schoen, a prominent Democratic pollster (he predicted the Republicans would get whopped in 2010 and he was the main pollster for Bill Clinton) said the same. In an OpEd that also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, he wrote, "President Obama and the Democratic leadership are making a critical error in embracing the Occupy Wall Street Movement and it may cost them the 2012 election." His polling of the protesters found that 98% said they would support civil disobedience and 31% said they would support violence to advance their agenda. And his findings also show that less than 50% of these protesters support Pres. Obama. He added the president already made a mistake in abandoning independents and swing voters.
  • Frank Fleming, a political humorist, wrote about the Occupy mobs, "It's not so much that hippies can't find jobs as the threat that they may actually need to start looking for a job...In fact, by looking at the protest attendance, you might conclude that the most oppressed group in American society are white college kids...You don't see hippies in war-torn Third World countries; useless idiots are a luxury."
  • According to Rasmussen, Cain beats Obama by 43-41% as of now.
  • I think I know why Herman Cain is doing so well. People are getting sick and tired of the establishment folks like Romney, Perry and the others.
  • A former employee of Herman Cain, when he worked to turn Burger King around in the mid-1980's, said Cain was the best boss he ever worked for. In addition, he said Cain had the knack to instill a lot of morale and good feeling among his employees. He also said Cain was not your typical CEO. Cain would role up his sleeves and work with you This former employee is not surprised Cain is catching fire with voters. Now, all he needs is to raise some serious money (WPHT, Philadelphia).
  • He also has a great singing voice. That should earn him some points from the X-Factor and Idol crowd.
  • According to Baseball-Reference, Mantle, Ruth, Berra, Duke Snider, Gehrig and Reggie Jackson hit the most home runs in World Series, with Mantle at 18 followed by The Babe at 15. Gee, looks like a lot of NY Yankees on this list.

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